Beware the Bullshit

Call the IRA: He’s not happy (and we’re not crazy)

Anthony J Grant of Crossgar, Downpatrick; who likes to claim his family has ties to the IRA.
The many faces of Anthony J Grant, a drunk chef with delusions of his own importance to the IRA.

This is ballsy coming from Anthony J Grant, a man who has delusions of his importance to the IRA!

I got an email from “Little Anthony” as M calls him, bitching about this site. Apparently we’re all batshit crazy. As I said to him, I suppose given his track record, telling the truth probably does seem a little crazy.

Apologies for the lack of updates. I have been out of town for a couple of days to get ready for when I start treatment next month, before my next surgery.

Is there proof of Anthony Grant’s actions?

I had been contacted by one “interested reader” asking about proof.

Yes, I have proof: Full transcripts of all chats between me and the Irish Asshole; and with Mrs Irish Asshole (aka Karen); and also between both of them and a friend of mine. I would happily send anyone the original, zipped files downloaded from Facebook but somewhere buried in all the bullshit he spun is an intimate video of another woman he was chatting to, and some quite personal photos and comments about Karen Harris, aka Karen Ní Earraí, from the time when they first met I believe when they were in Killarney, before they moved to Ballyheigue in Ireland, so I don’t feel I can pass on those files.

This is also why I believe the person who posted in the forum saying Anthony had shared personal photos etc.

I don’t care about the ones where Karen talks about how he has a tiny penis, or how Anthony J Grant, aka Antiono Grant Jr is rarely able to actually perform sexually and when he does it’s a 30-second wonder, and how he has poor personal hygiene, smells bad, etc. If that embarrasses him, so be it: the truth is the truth, and while he constantly talks himself up sexually it seems apparent that he is actually pretty useless.

His deluded IRA fantasies

I don’t care about the chats where he goes on about being a hard man, about his uncles being involved in the IRA, about the paramilitaries being after him. He’s just a little boy trying to make himself sound more exciting than he really is. Anthony Grant thinks if he chucks around terms like IRA and paramilitaries, he will sound like a bad boy.

He just sounds like an idiot. A drunk, thieving, impotent little idiot.

But unlike him, I won’t compromise the other women who trusted him.

I still haven’t decided for sure what I will do with all the information I have. And there is a lot of it, trust me.  I am going to be slightly off the radar again for a while…treatment and surgery, then recovery. And maybe travelling for a week or so before that. Will keep you posted.

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