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Anthony J Grant of Crossgar, Downpatrick
The many faces of Anthony J Grant.

Currently, if you want to access this website with information and warnings regarding Anthony Grant, who claims to be a chef from Northern Ireland, you will need a password.

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We can tell you that as of January 2021, chef, thief and drunk Anthony J Grant, aka Antiono Grant Jr, is currently living in Newcastle, County Down, Northern Ireland. He has already drunk his way out of at least one job while there and we feel rather guilty that we felt sorry enough for him to hide this site from search engines while he was looking for work. He gave us a sob story about having turned his life around and being sober.

That was, of course, a lie. He is still a drunk. Still a liar. Unfortunately, as a result, he was employed by the unsuspecting owner of a restaurant in Newcastle last year and they saw first-hand how out-of-control and unreliable he really is.

I only hope he didn’t also give them a taste of his dishonesty as well.

A brief history of Anthony J Grant, scammer, chef.

If you enjoy the company of liars, drunks and thieves, he might be the man for you. If not, then run!

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What’s up with Newcastle chef Anthony Grant?

Newcastle chef Anthony Grant memes, cactus: Anthony J Grant, aka Anthony Joseph Grant or Antiono Grant Jr originally from Downpatrick.As some of you have noticed, this site was down for a while. A few months ago, quite unexpectedly, Anthony Grant made contact with both G, and with my husband M.

He gave what appeared to be a genuine apology, and made a lot of promises about what he would and wouldn’t do. He then began trying to find a chef job in the Newcastle area of Northern Ireland and asked M if he would be able to take the site down, even if it was just in the short term, so he could find work without his past deeds putting off employers.

Anthony Grant also said this would allow him to pay back the money he owes.

Aside from Anthony’s apologies and promises, there was in fact just one reason we hid the site from search engines: G had asked us to as she wanted to give him a chance to get his life sorted.

Newcastle chef job shortlived

He did get a chef job at a restaurant in Newcastle, but when he was feeling the stress of actually having to get off his lazy arse and stay off the booze for enough hours in a day to actually hold down a job, he struggled, started getting nasty with G again and accused her of planning to contact his boss to get him fired.

Of course, that was completely untrue but his drunken paranoia took hold for a while before he realized what a total dick he was being and apologised once again.

Then he lost the job: Anthony says he quit, but he said that about every job he drunkenly lost during his little con he ran on G.  Of course that wasn’t chef Anthony Grant’s fault because it never is.

During all this, G was and still is very ill. While she was supposed to be having radiation treatment, that was cut short when she ended up bleeding from her liver and needing emergency surgery. Things were incredibly close and we nearly lost her. Anthony then began falling into old patterns: getting secretive, telling lies and so on. It all came to a head one night when he was either in Russia, Greece, Newcastle or drunk in a gutter (take your pick, he gave various explanations).

Knowing the hell she had gone through with losing her best friend to suicide, and that she was in hospital and still very unwell, chef Anthony told her he was going to kill himself and it was her fault. M was bloody angry. We both were. M asked him what was wrong with him, and also told him G had taken a turn for the worse and was being intubated. His response? To threaten M. To threaten to kill his family. To blather on about how he would drain the blood from his body, about how he needed to pick out a gravestone. About how he was coming for him. And every time M tried to tell him G was desperately ill, instead of even asking if she was OK he made another threat.

Anthony Grant = paranoia

Anthony Joseph Grant, chef, of Northern Ireland, on trust
Trust? It isn’t something Anthony would know about.

When G was in Ireland last year, she met a Belfast local on the flight to London who looked after her in Ireland and they have kept in touch since. Little chef Anthony seemed to be strangely obsessed with Eamonn, constantly quizzing her about him. He decided to contact Anthony, to give him an opportunity to ask him those questions directly. And also to point out that is he actually cared as he claimed he did, he might just show some sort of interest in asking how she was faring in hospital.

Anthony Grant’s response? More of the same: threats to Eamonn, never once asking how G was.

There was one difference this time though: Anthony Grant did mention G. However it was to say some truly vile things about her. He also said some nasty things about me, which is laughable coming from the drunken, lying chef.

Anthony Grant, aka Antiono Grant Jr, used money he took in a scam to buy chocolates for Karen Harris.
True love, as depicted by the behaviour of Newcastle based chef Anthony Grant.

He claims he is no longer with Karen, and that they had split up much earlier after he left Downpatrick. Maybe she had a lucky escape. Maybe two con artists is too many. At the time this all happened and for months afterwards, he claimed Karen knew nothing of his con, that she had no idea he was stealing money from another woman under false pretenses. But Karen herself admitted that she knew where the money was coming from and that he had even bought her chocolates with some of it. Aint love grand? And now he is painting her as the only culprit and himself as some sort of poor, innocent victim. 

That should not have surprised me: that is how narcissists operate.

If you know anyone who might be involved with this lying, thieving, drunken little sack of shit Newcastle chef Anthony Grant, or Anthony J Grant (who also goes by the name Antiono Grant Jr)  now is the time to tell them to run. Because without doubt, they can do better and no doubt deserve better. He has no respect, he shares intimate photographs of the women in his life, and he is a liar.

When he had his little meltdown and told G he was going to kill himself, he also once again accused her of planning to post his story all over Facebook. Which to be fair, she never has. However, we decided that since he was so intent on accusing her of this once again, we would resurrect this website. G has expressed concern and purely out of love for G and respect for her feelings, we have now made the content of this site password protected.

If you want to know the full story of Anthony’s con, use the contact form to request the site password.  LFK
Newcastle chef Anthony Grant

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The many faces of Anthony J Grant.

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