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our own community?

This site has been a great place to get this information on this shit stain out in the real world and I would be keen to keep in touch with some of you. Most of you even. I know the site admins have a couople of us on a group chat in Facebook from when we were getting updates about surgery etc. Should we all maybe exchange Fb details? or emails or whatever?

gud thinking dude -- I will hav a talk 2 G about it & see what she reckonz. shez been unwell & is bak in hospital @ the moment but I'll run it by her (just going 2 visit her now!)  MK

This is a great idea. There have actually been some real friendship come out of all this and I'm sure G will be keen to keep the friendship and support going. We probably don't want to be sharing real names or contact details here in the forum because it is visible to the public, and we know that Anthony and Karen both can't help themselves: they get friends to check what is posted on Matt's Facebook page. Even though they have him blocked (pathetic little people, but we already knew that, didn't we). Anthony also admitted to creating a fake profile a while ago and trying to friend both G and Matt after he had blocked them, so we know he is always around and his ridiculous ego means he is too much of a coward to actually talk to them but he still wants to know what they are doing.

Hi guys. I'm on board with this. As you know, anyone registering to take part has to supply an email address...this is a preset requirement of the software I'm using. However, once you guys register, I remove your email address from the records and replace it with a generic one for safety and security. But I do have all contact details in a database that isn't online at all, just in case I ever need to contact anyone.

I'll get a group email sorted today and pass it on to Liz to see who might want exchange contact Liz says, don't post any contact info here because aside from anything else, they are both nosey little fuckers who sneak around online trying to find out what we're up to.

Sorry I've taken so long to get back to you guys on this. It's been a bit frantic here. G


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