Beware the Bullshit

Anthony Grant: the new snake in Ireland

Anthony J Grant of Crossgar, Downpatrick
The many faces of Anthony J Grant.

Has Anthony Grant aka Antiono Grant Jr lied to you? Has he scammed, cheated or generally treated you like shit?

Anthony J Grant, ex Ballyheigue, Killarney, Belfast and currently on bail in his home town of Crossgar, Downpatrick, Northern Ireland? Get in touch, let’s tell the world what he really is.

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They say everyone has a story to tell. I certainly do, and it involves this man. A con man, a liar, a cheat.

A man that every woman should beware of.

Anthony Grant and Karen Harris, scammers

Actually, maybe using the word “man” is giving him more credit than he deserves (and he does have a bit of help in his scamming ways from his girlfriend Karen Harris, formerly of Killarney and Ballyheigue).

This should have been his profile image on the many dating sites where he was trawling for women. So much more honest about what he was looking for. And funnily enough, his very first date with the co-scammer was just that .. a long walk in a national park or some such shit. Aint love grand?

Due to appear in Coleraine court

Anthony Grant is probably about to go away for a little holiday, at Her Majesty’s pleasure if you know what I mean. Will be in Coleraine Court on July 29 at 10am I believe.

Full details, along with names, aliases, home towns etc, and of course proof, coming soon.

And for what it’s worth, I didn’t realise how much she was involved to start with. I actually felt sorry for her, initially believing she was a victim of his deception, too. A close friend put the pieces together at a time when I was too sick to really be thinking clearly. Even then I still had my doubts…surely two people couldn’t be such total assholes. But it became clear that indeed they could: as soon as Liz put her suspicions to Anthony J Grant, him and Karen Harris ran and hid, says a lot.

Come back and check this site for updated information on how Anthony Grant aka Anthony J Grant (and currently using the name Antiono Grant Jr on Facebook in an attempt to hide) operates.

His girlfriend and partner-in-crime, Karen Harris, also started using an assumed name (Karen Ní Earraí) on Facebook but is now in hiding once again. However, be wary of this woman if you do stumble across her because she is every bit as dodgy as he is.