Beware the Bullshit

Anthony Grant & Karen Harris: a match made in hell

Anthony J Grant of Crossgar, Downpatrick
The many faces of Anthony J Grant.

UPDATE ON NAMES: Anthony Grant now goes by Antiono Grant Jr,
Karen Harris changed hers to Karen Ní Earraí

POSTING ON BEHALF: Anthony J Grant, chef, ex Crossgar, Downpatrick, Northern Ireland; also Belfast and numerous places where he held short-lived chef jobs until sacked for turning up drunk, or not turning up at all. Last address before being arrested near Coleraine in July was in Ballyheigue with his girlfriend and co-scammer Karen Harris.

Beware these two. They are bad news: Anthony J Grant (also calling himself Antiono Grant Jr on Facebook in an attempt to hide from his sins) runs the scam while Karen Harris plays the innocent victim when it all comes out. But it has become obvious that Karen Harris is not-so-innocent: in one case she knew the other woman was being scammed! She admitted knowing about her at least for “weeks” before it all came out. And she happily took her money, her excuse for taking the money was:  “I was broke”.

I don’t care how broke you are, a scammer is a scammer. Dishonest is dishonest. You two certainly deserve each other. But then again, Karen Harris is the same woman who said Anthony Grant had robbed not just her, but also her child. He stole the boy’s birthday money! What sort of woman, what sort of MOTHER would accept Anthony J Grant back into her life after he did that to her child?

How many more, Anthony Grant?

We did know of  two other women Anthony J Grant (drunk, chef and remarkably well-organised scammer considering he self proclaimed alcoholism and constant state of drunkenness for most of this year) had conned and lied to, but now it appears there is a third. So Anthony: who is Kayleigh? Your next potential victim! She knows now. She says a friend of a friend sent her the link to this site and now it all makes sense. No doubt there are others.

Do you really think you are special Karen Harris? How long until he is up to his old tricks? He did it BEFORE you, and he carried on after he met you. And you can bet your bottom dollar that he will do this again. Not just the stealing money from women. But the attempts to cheat, the lies. All of it. Brace yourself, Karen: Anthony Grant will never change.

Don’t tell me you won’t be wondering every time you see him check his email, every time he’s out of your sight for an hour or so … just who is he chatting with? Who is he professing his love to? Who is he sending your photos to while telling her how you are stalking him online and constantly sending him photos and messages even though he doesn’t want them?

Because that’s what he does.

Anthony Grant, wannabe hard man

Anthony J Grant likes to talk himself up as something of a hard man but when push comes to shove, and there is the possibility he might have to face someone angry over his thieving and lying ways, he then resorts to using his brother as a threat instead because he says his brother is a “rocket”, “crazy” and “uncontrollable”. Nice Anthony, always classy aren’t you?

Try fighting your own battles and not dragging other people into the mess you have created.

Anthony also likes to remind everyone he’s from Northern Ireland, because in his eyes that magically makes him just a little tougher than everyone else. However, he throws around lots of threats but is ridiculously paranoid about the paramilitaries he claims are after him.

Yeah, I know. Pathetic.

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