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Karen Harris scammer or victim? And court update

Karen Harris scammer, says Anthony Grant told her he loved her two days after they met.Like a pair of lovesick teenagers, Karen Harris scammer, is sticking by her drunken little man, Anthony J Grant co-scammer.

Anthony Grant, aka Antiono Grant Jr was found guilty of the two charges he’d already pleaded guilty to. The charges were dismissed for the two he was denying. I suppose it’s handy the his puppet-master girlfriend Karen, aka Karen Ní Earraí (formerly Karen Doran) is so desperate to hold on to him.

After Anthony posted a photo of them together as his Facebook profile photo, Karen Harris was in a total panic and blocked her kids from seeing it. She doesn’t want them knowing he is back in her life, she says. If Karen feels she has to hide being back with the thieving, drunk little coward, surely she can see it’s not a healthy relationship?

Karen Harris and Anthony Grant’s scam

Besides, he robbed your child. That should be enough to see you say bye-bye to him but I suppose you benefited from his scam as much as he did. It paid your rent after all.

Anthony is on remand until September 23 for sentencing in the Coleraine Magistrates Court. His bail in continues, to his parent’s address in Crossgar, Downpatrick. I should  be on a flight home by then. Maybe. We’ll see.

Oh, and poor baby didn’t appear because of an accident.

As for this site … I really think people need to know what this little troll and his money-grubbing missus do. How they operate, how they scam people. Anthony J Grant scammer; Karen Harris scammer. It’s what they do.

So that may be the plan after surgery is done … just timeline EVERYTHING, with screenshots, showing what Karen Harris and Anthony J Grant did and when. The elaborate series of lies Anthony constructed, and Karen’s admission that she knew about me, and the money he took in the scam. That she knew he was a thief but she happily took the money and spent it anyway (because apparently being broke is an acceptable excuse for ripping people off in their fantasy land).

Support yourselves, stop being scammers

Try getting a fucking job, try not getting on the booze all the time. Try being a grown up, a decent human being, and supporting yourselves and your kids. You pair of fucking parasites.

And to anyone thinking of hiring Anthony Joseph Grant, alleged chef, originally from Crossgar, Downpatrick, Northern Ireland; or Karen Harris, alleged cleaner, originally from Kerry, formerly using the name Karen Doran: beware. These two are not what they seem.

PS: I know there have been server issues with this site not being up all the time (much like Anthony from what I hear! LOL). Will get that sorted once I’m home … will be on a new server so much more reliable.

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Onward and upward, he’s just a criminal

Criminal Anthony Grant was bailed to his parent's Downpatrick home while.
Anthony J Grant, formerly of Crossgar, Downpatrick, who now goes by the name Antiono Grant Jr on Facebook.

Our little drunken Irish criminal Anthony Grant may have a busy time coming up, so do I.

I hope to be on a plane in a few days, but after that there’s radiation and surgery. However, I did take the time to talk to my lawyer again today about little Anthony and Karen. That’s Anthony J Grant, aka Antiono Grant Jr and Karen Harris, aka Karen Ní Earraí.

If I was as much of an asshole as them,  I could really go for the jugular. I could make things really uncomfortable for both of them: the chat transcripts show our little drunk chef asked to “borrow” the money, specifically promised to pay it back and specifically denied any ongoing connection to Karen when asked directly.

Anthony Grant criminal record

After it all blew up, Anthony Grant also admitted that he took the money by deception. A crime. But I suppose it’s just one more to add to the criminal record of which he seems quite proud.

He also promised to repay it several times, and admitted he lied and manipulated myself and others to keep the con going.

And the case of Karen Harris, she admitted in writing to knowing about me and his lies for weeks before he supposedly robbed her.

Karen also admitted in writing to knowing where the money had come from. On all occasions.

Apparently that makes them BOTH liable under Ireland’s Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act, 2001.

The first time Anthony conned money out of me he was still in Northern Ireland, so it’s covered by UK law.

Anthony’s criminal threats of ‘revenge porn’

Anthony J Grant’s threats to post personal photos AND the fact that it seems he has already shown photos of several women to someone else (as noted in a post on the forum here) puts him in breach of the section 33 of the UK Criminal Justice Act.

Also, the fact that Matty and I were both blocked by Karen Harris after I attempted to make contact when at one point Anthony disappeared for a while and I was concerned also shows her in a bad light, according to the lawyer. Her claim that he blocked us through accessing her Facebook profile doesn’t stand up, he says, because:

  1. she can offer no proof of that
  2. you agree to be responsible for your own actions on Facebook when you sign up
  3.  she blocked me after I also tried to contact her on Instagram (shows a pattern apparently).

The full transcripts of the chats from Facebook, between all of us are sitting on my computer. I would happily share the original zipped files, but there are some things in there that are quite personal about three other women: Karen, Siobhan and Tina. As much as I am pissed off at Karen, I won’t be like Anthony and share this VERY personal, and potentially degrading content. And Siobhan and Tina have done nothing wrong here. They certainly don’t deserve to be dragged through this.

I really don’t care if he goes to jail or not, it doesn’t change the fact that Anthony Grant is a criminal. And a thoroughly disgusting little man.

What to do with Facebook transcripts?

I may be a bitch but I don't treat people badly. I treat them accordingly. Unlike Anthony Grant, I am not a criminal.What will I do with this content? Not sure yet. My legal advice says I’m safe to share because it’s provable truth, so no defamation concerns at all. He even admitted in writing in both WhatAapp and Messenger that he had lied, cheated, stole from me etc after it all came out, so that clears the way. Yes, as clever as he thinks he is, Anthony owned up multiple times to his criminal behaviour.

Might go ahead with the book offer. For now, my focus is a quick trip (fingers crossed) before starting treatment and then surgery. Then recovery.

Beyond that, I don’t know. One possibility is to set out what he did, fully timelined with the chat transcripts, This would be to simply show the world what an asshole he is as part of a broader “watch out for scammers” site.

A couple of people have made contact here who were also ripped off online and we can use the “provable truth” thing to run full  details (in both cases their scammers were convicted so it’s a matter of public record); and a few others we’d run without names but just as a cautionary tale.

Right now, this info is just sitting here in my little corner of the web and gaining a bit of attention. Traffic is coming via Facebook and others sharing the link. However, if I decide to get it out there I may stump up some cash for paid listings/ad campaigns on Google and Facebook. Because I want people to know what he is. And what she is.

Anthony’s never-ending lies

I have no doubt he has told his family and friends a whole bunch of lies about me. He said some truly awful things about Donna, Siobhan and Karen so know what’s likely to have been said. But I really think it would be good for his family and friends to know what he really is. And for her family to know the truth about BOTH of them, too. Although I’m sure they already know he is a criminal.

How much of his story is true?

Are his brother’s children really in care? Does his father treat his mother as badly as he claims? Does he really hate his father or is that just a sympathy ploy?

Were his father and uncles involved with the IRA?

Did his “first love” Joanne exist? Did he ever live in New York? Is his brother really a “rocket”?

Pretty much everything else he said was a lie; and his lies continued with other women he was targeting on NZ Dating, too.  G

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