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Thief and liar … Karen knew from the start

Thief Anthony J Grant, aka Antiono Grant Jr sent a video he shot from the back yard of his co-scammer Karen Harris.


The thief and liar was so proud of the video, he also sent it to Matt. And lied about where it was filmed.So exactly WHEN did Karen Harris know what Anthony Joseph Grant, or Anthony J Grant (aka Antiono Grant Jr), the well-rehearsed thief was up to?

Anthony claims she didn’t know about his scam, but he has lied about everything else, and by her own admission, Karen Harris did indeed know what was going on. We know at the very latest it was “weeks” before he was arrested in Coleraine and bailed to his parent’s home in Crossgar, Downpatrick, before his first appearance in the Coleraine Magistrates Court.

But was it earlier than that? The answer would appear to be yes, it was. Karen Harris, aka Karen Ní Earraí knew about a video Anthony the thief sent to both G and to Matt, a video showing the view from her back yard but which he claimed was filmed from the home of the girlfriend of his room-mate Danny.

Of course we now know that he filmed it from Karen’s back yard. In fact he was already living with her when he filmed and shared this video with G at 7.40pm on April 18 and with Matt just a few hours later. By that time, Danny was no longer his room-mate and while he was berating G for going to New York a week or so earlier instead of visiting him in Ireland, he was already living with Karen Harris.

In yet another sick move on his part, after sending G this video shot from Karen’s house, where he was living, he followed it up with the message “I do love you woman”. Which as we all now know was … yes, you guessed it, yet another BIG FAT LIE. Because while he was telling G he loved her, begging her to send him money so he could move to NZ, scamming money out of her to (supposedly) pay to get him to another town to start a new job so he could save money to move to be with her, he was in fact living with Karen.

And he was paying his share of her rent with the money they had scammed out of G.

So yes, by this time he sent this video that he was so proud of, Anthony J Grant was already living with Karen Harris in Ballyheigue. He had been for a week, having moved in there on his birthday. Look at the dates in those screengrabs above.

Does the “dirty little thief” have company?

But back to Karen, because Anthony isn’t the only liar in this whole sorry saga. While chatting online with G after Anthony had supposedly “robbed” her, Karen mentioned the video in question. G had not mentioned it to her at all. Neither had Matt. But Karen knew about it. And she knew Anthony had sent that video to G. So she knew back in April.

Liar and thief? Karen Harris of Ballyheigue knew much more about Anthony's scam than they let on.

She has said he was hiding what he was doing from her but when you look closely at the conversations, it really doesn’t look that way. The more closely you look, the more it is apparent that Karen knew what Anthony Grant was doing. And she was happy to let it continue for one of two reasons: she either wanted her share of the money he stole, or she was indeed a part of the whole scam.

At the time G had the conversation with Karen where she mentioned the video, things were rather fraught. G was dealing with a lot: Anthony in particular, but other things, too, that were pretty awful and caused her a great deal of stress and grief, which is probably whey she missed that Karen knew Anthony had sent that video.

Matt at one point described Anthony Grant as nothing but a dirty little thief. But it would seem that description also applies to his girlfriend and co-scammer, Karen Harris.

She is not the innocent victim that she is trying to pretend to be. Not at all.


6 thoughts on Thief and liar … Karen knew from the start

  1. LMFAO. she fucking puts it about mate so it will probably be the other way round. You know that old saying about some girls not being the type you take home to meet your mom? shes one of them so its a shocker that he actually did that eh? Shes always been a bit of a sure bet, if u know what I mean? Tried it on with me once but I just pretended I didn’t notice becuase I’m not realy into big girls.

  2. Yeah I do. She thinks her huge tits makes her attractive but big tits on a desperate middlea ged woman aint all that once the bra comes off. The rest of her is a bit of a letdown too. Shes a bit rough to be fair.

  3. The more I read the more disgusted I am by these two arseholes.

    I don’t know Anthonhy and Karen directly but I”ve got some friends in common with the pair of them and know a couple of people who lived in his home town and I have worked with a few people who have worked with him. They all say he is a lost cause. Always drunk, think he is god’s gift to women and always looking to scab shit off people for free. One of them met Karen when she stayed with Anthony for a few days while they were working at the same restaurant and he says she is a bit of a drunk too. I think they both went of a bender when he was meant to be working so he either got sacked or left before getting sacked.

    I feel like apologising on behalf of everyone in Ireland for the shit these two cunts have put you guys thru. And please know we aren’t all like that. Some of us are actually quite nice people.

    1. dude itz all gud. ppl like that will get what they deserve eventually. interesting 2 know his missus isn’t the innocent luvly little girlie she makes out tho !! a pair of fukn parasites.

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