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Today in history: Downpatrick chef Anthony Grant

Downpatrick chef Anthony Grant
Downpatrick chef Anthony Grant. Not what he seems.

It has been a year ago today since I booked a flight to New York instead of flying to Dublin to meet Downpatrick chef Anthony Grant.

A year tomorrow since his birthday when despite telling me he was angry with me for choosing to go to America instead of Ireland to be with him, he actually moved in with Karen Harris in Ballyheigue (formerly Karen Doran, of Tralee).

Just a week before, April 5, Anthony J Grant (aka Antiono Grant Jr) had moved his scam up a notch, calling me to tell me that he was in love with me.  After that call I had planned on taking him up on his repeated suggestions of visiting him, but after a WhatsApp conversation opted to book a flight to New York instead.

Read more about that timeline in a brief history of Anthony the scammer.

Downpatrick chef Anthony Grant

My dealings with this toxic little man in the time since all this blew up have shown him to be the nasty creature that so many people have warned me about. I used to pity him,  and I truly believed they were exaggerating when warning me about how toxic his was. But not any more.

I hear from him once in a while, always to drop more lies and to try to lay the blame for all this on anyone but himself.

7 points to consider

  1. He still insists he was in love with me.
    Lies, Anthony is incapable of loving anyone apart from himself. And booze.
  2. He still insists he was coming here.
    Lies, he never saved a penny to come here, he doesn’t even have a passport. And he was living with Karen the entire time.
  3. He still insists that even though he was living with Karen the entire time, he had no plans to bring her with him.
    Lies, again: he doesn’t have a passport. She was planning on travelling with him and even told me all about it.
  4. He still insists his mother knew all about me, and still insists that she asks about me. He has even gone as far as to offer me a phone number to call her on to back up his story but why would I believe it would be her on the phone?
    Lies, she had met Karen before any of this blew up. She likes Karen: told her she was good for him. Why would she say that if she knew all about me and his plans to come here? As for the phone number … Anthony, I don’t need you to supply me with her mobile number. I already have her contact details. Have had them for a long time.
  5. He still just insists on lying. About everything. It’s never-ending, it’s exhausting, it’s fucking ridiculous.
    See any of his claims…the proof of his inability to tell the truth is everywhere.
  6. He still insists on making threats to Matt, through me. Once again you cowardly little liar: Matt says you have his number, if you want to talk to him, talk to him. But that won’t happen, will it? You cowardly little “man”.
  7. He still insists “everyone is laughing” at us about the content of this site. But they aren’t. How do we know? Because we have had contact with so many people who know both of these scammers: they know Anthony J Grant, and they know Karen Harris, his partner in crime, his co-scammer. They all have stories about his or her behaviour, about stolen money, about lives damaged by contact with the pair of them.
    Yes Anthony, people are laughing. At you. And at your girlfriend. They are laughing because the pair of you have finally ended up in the relationship you deserve.

Anthony Grant: liar

He has lied about so much more: his father has had four strokes as a direct result of this site. Bullshit.

He claims he has tried to take his own life twice. Bullshit.

But do you know what the one thing is that he can’t claim? That he has no answer for? That everything here is the truth. What’s more, it is provable truth. Honesty grows when it gets light. That is what this website is all about: giving light to this, to show the dirty tactics used by Downpatrick chef Anthony Grant and his girlfriend Karen Harris, aka Karen Doran. And ultimately to let the truth grow.

Stay safe and avoid these two. They are toxic.

(MAY 2020 UPDATE: They are currently believed to be living in the Newcastle area of County Down).

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