Beware the Bullshit

Money, money, money

Anthony J Grant chef asks for more money with a promise to pay it back when he is paid from his chef job. Of course the thief never does.Anthony J Grant, chef, the fake “Mr Nice Guy” carried on being oh-so-pleasant and full of the joys of life when asking for money again on March 25.

Ignoring the fact that Anthony J Grant, aka Antiono Grant Jr has no fucking clue how to spell the word “of” (over and over and over again, in chat after chat, “off” … but I bit my tongue. Because I’m a nice person. Stupidly).

But I digress. Here he’s asking for more money, scoring 100 pounds for his trouble. He promises to pay it back when he is paid. Anthony J Grant says he is working as a chef, but that is likely to be a lie. He has had numerous chef jobs around this time but rarely lasts more than a day, being sacked for turning up drunk or not turning up at all.

Money and trust

The ultimate insult? That came after I agreed to send him the cash: “I guess this is a trust thing x” … classy, right?

Your family must be so proud of you Anthony.

At least you’re consistent.

And I’m really seeing your true colours now, aren’t I? Your nastiness, you vindictiveness, you cowardice.

Anthony Grant points out the trust thing when getting the money he wanted. However, he was a thief.

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