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Money, money, money

Anthony J Grant, chef, the fake “Mr Nice Guy” carried […]

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3 thoughts on Money, money, money

  1. Karma is a bitch I know karen harris I hope she gets what coming to her she tried to destroyed a lot of lives but never thought she go to this level

    1. Oh wow, we had been given some information on him, which confirmed he is a serial scammer, drunk, etc. But have had a couple of contacts also confirm Karen is something of a total bitch, despite her trying to play the victim. I am so angry at the awful way they used and hurt both one of my dearest friends, and my husband. Anthony made up stories about his own father being about to die to get back into Matt’s good books knowing that his own father had indeed just died. I will admit that at one point I felt sorry for Anthony, because he claimed he was an addict and was trying to put things right. But his actions since the truth came out have shown that he is not to be pitied: he knew exactly what he was doing every step of the way and so did she. The definition of disgusting is that they even tried to continue the scam while G was in hospital and suffering memory loss so didn’t remember that it was over or any of the awful situation. He told her he needed to run because of the charges he was facing because someone was pressing charges over him borrowing a car to escape a bad situation, that he still loved her, wanted to be with her, but that he needed money. Fortunately, Matt was keeping a close eye on things.

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