Beware the Bullshit

When did the scam start?

Anthony Joseph Grant of Ireland began his scam at least as early as February.

G was in such a bad place when Anthony Joseph Grant the thief, occasional chef and fulltime drunk from Crossgar, Downpatrick (Northern Ireland) and his partner Karen Harris, ex-Ballyheigue, decided to scam money out of her.

When it all came to light, we realised that this was a long-term scam on their part. They had taken the time to infiltrate her life, and ours, to cause so much damage, just for a few bucks to spend on booze.

We thought it started here, in the screenshots on this post. This conversation above, and below, took place just an hour or so after she he found her best friend when he took his own life. He hung himself from a doorframe, using a belt. We were at the other end of the country and felt so useless, but we couldn’t get a flight until the morning.

G found Josh still alive. She cut him down and did CPR until the ambulance arrived but he  died right in front of her. As you can imagine, she was completely overcome with grief and probably in shock.

But did the scam start earlier?

That was bad enough. But on reflection, and now that we know more about his life before this, it is apparent that Anthony J Grant, aka Antiono Grant Jr (as he now calls himself on Facebook)  actually began the scam months before, when he initially lied about his ex-partner.

Back in around September or October last year, he told G he was single. That they had broken up. When he went to spend Christmas with her, he told G it was because his ex wanted him back but he left because of what we now know is just a whole pack of lies. Because that is all Anthony is capable of: lying. Well, I’m selling him short aren’t I? He is also capable of stealing, of getting drunk. Of being a parasite.

We aren’t 100% sure when Karen, aka Karen Ní Earraí  joined in on the scam, she got together with him at the end of March and was definitely involved several weeks before he was arrested near Coleraine at the start of July and subsequently appeared in Coleraine Magistrates Court. But it’s looking like she knew much earlier than that. More on that later.

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Anthony J Grant, aka Antiono Grant Jr is a chef originally from Downpatrick, Northern Ireland. He stole money from someone he called a friend.

Anthony Grant's scam targeted someone who was grieving over the death of a friend.

Anthony Grant chef, wannabe sex machine

Anthony Grant chef of Downpatrick: Do you shower after sex? Of course! Well how about gettin glaid a bit more often?

Not his prettiest look but there he is folks — Anthony Grant chef in all his glory. I laughed when I saw this, G was a bit startled and I suspect a lot relieved that she didn’t come face-to face with this fine specimen of manhood. She is still being much too kind about him and his disgusting behaviour but it was lovely to see her have a laugh at his expense.

Anthony has lied to her. He cheated and stole from her.

The day she got out of ICU after nearly dying Anthony Grant sent her an email threatening her over something posted by my husband (something quite truthful, I must add, no lies from our side of this drama). But he showed his cowardice by directing the threat at her, because he is not man enough to address it directly with Matt. He even used his “rocket” of a brother as a threat. Again.

How long before he once again starts telling us the tales about his hardman uncles, wanted by the IRA? He is so full of it.

This little “man” targeted G, victimised her from the start. But Anthony J Grant, aka Antiono Grant Jr and his little lapdog Karen Harris, aka Karen Ní Earraí need to be stopped. Karen KNEW what he was doing. Karen KNEW he had taken money. She helped spend it. She admitted as much.

G hasn’t really fired back at them. She’s a decent human being (something neither of those parasites would understand), plus she has had a hell of a time in the past few month with her health and recovery.

But beware of Anthony Joseph Grant a drunken little man originally from Crossgar, Downpatrick, in Northern Ireland. He  claims to be a chef but rarely works. And beware of his partner Karen Harris, ex Ballyheigue. These two are toxic.

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