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Who is bringing the truth about Karen Harris & Anthony Grant

Who is bringing you the truth about Karen Harris Tralee & Anthony Grant, Downpatrick?

Anthony Joseph Grant of Crossgar Downpatrick, Northern Ireland. Chef and thief.There are three of us: I am LFK and MK is Matt, my lovely husband. He is one of the people Anthony used and lied to in an effort to steal money and only God knows what other reasons he may have had. For a laugh? Just to be a vile, disgusting little man? If that was one of his reasons, then he certainly got it right.

The third person who posts here is G, the woman who was victimised by Anthony Joseph Grant of Crossgar, Downpatrick, Northern Ireland and his Tralee girlfriend Karen Ellen Harris, last known address in Ballyheigue. Surprisingly, G is probably the one who posts least often.

G is one of our oldest friends, one of the few truly good people I know. She volunteers at the local women’s shelter and runs adult literacy classes at the local prison. The homeless guys who panhandle near our old apartment adore her because any time she was visiting us, she would always stop by with a hot coffee and a muffin, and just shoot the breeze with them for a while. They always said she just made them feel normal, like they weren’t invisible.

Karen Harris Tralee & Anthony Grant Downpatrick

But that’s G: she is the total opposite of Anthony Joseph Grant (now using a fake name on Facebook) and Karen Ellen Harris, scammers, thieves, liars and scum. She is everything they are not.

Oh sure, we know they have probably made a point to spread lies, to tell made up stories about her. Because that is what Anthony does. He told so many lies, and shared totally inappropriate information about his ex, and about Siobhan, Tina, Kayleigh. Even Karen as well, but then again maybe she was in on it.

In some cases he shared more than information: he shared photographs and videos. Did you know that Karen? Did you help him decide which photographs to share? Matt believes you did but G isn’t so sure. She doesn’t think you would want another woman to see that.

Who knows.

What we do know, is that his stories are untrue. We have got the truth from the source in every case.

Your family must be thoroughly ashamed. Sorry, make that families. Because of course Karen put Anthony ahead of her own sons the moment she took him back. That’s if there ever was a time they weren’t both still in on the scam.

Anthony J Grant and Karen Harris Tralee


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Anthony J Grant thief and coward

Anthony J Grant
Anthony J Grant, currently using the name Antiono Grant Jr on Facebook. Beware.

Anthony J Grant thief and drunk, you really should add “coward” to your CV. It seems to be a particular skill of yours, moreso than being a chef, anyway!

So how long until you threaten me, Anthony? You seem to make a habit of that, don’t you? Throwing threats at them women you have victimised.

So how many have you threatened now, Anthony? Three? That we know of.

And what did they do wrong? Nothing. Their only mistake was to trust you. To believe your disgusting lies.

Oh your mother must be so proud.

There was a time I felt pity for you, when I believed you truly were sincere about trying to make amends for the vile way you treated G during what was a horrific time for her. When I believed you really were trying to make things right, that you would repay what you stole.

Now I am just disgusted by both you and Karen Harris, of County Kerry, Ireland, your girlfriend and willing party to this awful breach of trust you have perpetuated.

But mostly by you.  Because it was you who made the promises, spent the time building “friendships” and “relationships” that were nothing more than a fiction.

You were the one who blatantly and coldly lied and cheated your way into the lives to two people who are very dear to me.

And you were the one making threats when your lies were exposed and those you used and abused decided that they wouldn’t let you away with it.

But Anthony, you are a coward. It is Matt you are angry with. He is the one who is making sure the world knows who and what you are. But you are directing your threats at the women you have victimised because you are not man enough to direct them at Matt.

Karen told him you were not the hard man you pretend to be, that you were scared of anyone and everyone. And G knew that, too, from the way you behaved over your imagined stalkers, the way you cried on the phone to her about the “bad men” who were out to get you, in between your crying over how much you hated certain members of your family, particularly your father.

Anthony J Grant thief … the lies continue

And when G ended up in hospital and you were STILL trying to scam more money out of her because you knew she had suffered memory loss and had no recollection of what you had done, when you were STILL lying to her and pretending you were in a relationship even though she asked you straight out if you had moved on, when Matt was so angry with you that I had to hide his passport to stop him getting on a plane to go find you, Karen told him you were scared.

Oh yes Anthony J Grant thief, you made all your threats to G about what would happen to Matt if he went to Northern Ireland, that it was “not wise” because you “know people”, how your “rocket” brother was on the warpath and would get them for posting information about you.

And all the bullshit about your uncles and your father, and their “connections”. But do you really think that scared him? First of all, you snivelling little coward, Matt also has friends over there via Bryan. Another person who holds G very close to his heart, who lived in Belfast for a long time before moving to Manchester. And Bryan’s friends are real. Very real. And very scary men.

But Anthony, Matt does not need to use other people to make threats. The ONLY reason he stayed away when I eventually gave him back his passport was because G made him promise that he wouldn’t go near you, that he wouldn’t beat the shite out of you. She pitied you, too. And even after that was gone, once she realised you were not worthy of her pity, she still didn’t want him to lay a finger on you because you were not worth it.

Anthony J Grant thief and coward was bailed to his parent's address in Downpatrick.

He did go to Downpatrick, Country Down, Northern Ireland, when he was over there. Just like G did. But like her, he didn’t knock on your door. He knew if he laid eyes on you he wouldn’t be able to keep that promise to G, so he stayed away that time.

So are you going to threaten me now Anthony? Did G ever tell you that I was a boxing champion in my weight division when I was in the army? And that I took up MMA 10 years ago?

You don’t scare me, you pathetic little man. You don’t scare any of us. LFK