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Karen Harris: not so innocent in this scam

The scam was mainly the work of Anthony Joseph Grant of Downpatrick, but he has tried to convince me his partner Karen Harris of Ballyheigue wasn’t involved.

So did Karen know what was going on? Was she involved in the scam or, as she claims, just a victim.

At first I felt very sorry for her because I believed he had conned her, too. However, as more and more information came to light, and as my health improved and my memory returned, I began “comparing notes” with another friend who had been chatting with both of them. Things just didn’t add up.

Karen Harris admits to knowing Anthony Grant was involved with me for weeks before I found out.I turns out, Karen knew about me at least “weeks” (see above) before it all blew up. She admitted that much to me herself. She had seen some messages that Anthony had forgotten to delete before giving her back her phone (yes, he was using her phone to contact me).

Karen Harris also knew Anthony Grant had blocked us as part of his scam.She also knew he had blocked both me and Matt on her profile. Again, she admitted that to me.

Benefiting from the scam

And the ultimate insult? She also knew he had taken money from me. But it’s all good: he used it to buy her some chocolates apparently (see below). Aint love grand?

Anthony Grant, aka Antiono Grant Jr, used money he took in a scam to buy chocolates for Karen Harris.

So I’m convinced she was involved in this whole thing with him … that she is every bit as much of a dirty little thief as he is.


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Who are they? Well they hide online from time-to-time, but Anthony can’t help himself … his fragile ego means he CANNOT stay offline, he needs to be chatting to women and trying to convince them he has been victimised by every woman in his past. He also always has at least a couple of mobile phones on the go and changes his phone number more often than the average person changes their undies.

Anthony Grant now goes by Antiono Grant Jr,
Karen Harris changed hers to Karen Ní Earraí

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  1. Oh Lordy, I know that fat slag and it sounds like she finally has the man she deserves. I wonder if she’s given him a dose of the crabs yet? Give it time, she puts it around. Contact me if you want to know more.

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