Beware the Bullshit

Simply a scam, it’s what he does

The money stoley by Anthony Grant, aka Antiono Grant Jr, of Northern Ireland, in a scam is unlikely to ever be repaid.A couple of visitors to the site have asked some questions about the scam, particularly about the money, and that one may be of interest to anyone reading this.

They asked why I was putting this out there when he still owes me so much money, why I was risking him not paying up. To be honest, there’s no risk. Anthony J Grant (aka Antiono Grant Jr) and Karen Harris, aka Karen Ní Earraí of Ballyheigue have no intention of paying back a penny. They have had months to make good on Anthony’s repeated promises to pay it back, but like all his promises, he has failed to act.

When he took the first batch of money, he promised to pay it back out of his first wage.

Later, when Anthony J Grant the drunk chef of Downpatrick asked for more money, there were even more promises about paying it back.

When all his lies came out, he again promised to pay back the money. Not just the money I sent him to help him get to a job (which never happened), but also the money I paid out for concert tickets for him, and for a flight to the UK, which I booked when I was under the impression that we were actually in some sort of relationship.

The have had since June. They have not paid back one penny.

So no, there is no risk because like the parasites they are, they just take from others.



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