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My thoughts on Anthony J Grant, thief and chef


Anthony J Grant and Karen Harris

Chat with Anthony Grant thief, chef and scammer of Downpatrick, Northern Ireland.

continued chat with Anthony Joseph Grant, chef who formerly worked in Belfast, Thailand and London.

NOTE: The chat screenshots in in the images are between Matt and Anthony, a chat that took place on July 8, between around 7.40 and 8.30pm my time, while I was in hospital and totally unaware of all the drama that was unfolding. This is just a small part of one of the long, drawn out chats with Anthony. You can see he contradicts himself on what he remembers and what happened. He did apologise several times, but those apologies all came with lies so were worthless. He also failed to give any answers or explanations on why or what he did.

I haven’t really said much specifically about my truly awful experience with Anthony Grant thief, chef, drunk and scammer, and to be honest, until recently I maybe still felt some pity for him given how much he has fucked up his life.

But now I have something to say. And any pity I felt for him is well and truly gone. The same goes for Karen Harris: at one point I really did feel sorry for her, I believed she had been conned, lied to and scammed the same way I had but as my health has improved and I have taken the time to go over the transcripts of chats between her, Anthony, Matt and myself it is becoming more and more obvious that she knew about his scam, she knew about the money, and she even helped spend it.

Despite what Karen and Anthony want us to believe, Karen Harris was no innocent bystander. And Anthony Joseph Grant did not have an alcoholic blackout that lasted a whole year. Yes, that is one of the many ridiculous claims he has made since his lies, his stealing, his dirty, disgusting behaviour came to light.

Both of them changed their names on Facebook once details of their involvement in this sorry saga were published here, picked up by Google and discussed on various Facebook groups. Karen Harris changed her name to Karen Ní Earraí, while Anthony J Grant became Antiono Grant Jr. Currently, they are both hiding: they appear to have disabled their Facebook profiles but that doesn’t really matter because they are using false names there anyway.

Their real names are out there to warn any other potential victims to avoid the pair of them: they are a sick pair of individuals who deserve one another. The chances of him NOT cheating on Karen are pretty remote, given his long-term track record. And given the fact she was making moves on another man just 2 days after Anthony supposedly went missing indicates that she is about as loyal as he is. Like I said, they deserve each other.

Anthony Grant thief, chef and scammer

I now believe it is likely Anthony began working this scam last year, because he lied about his relationship status back around October or November 2018. He definitely started working the scam properly, getting himself fully involved in my life, early this year, befriending my friends and pursuing me when I decided to back off at least five times between April and the end of June.

The suicide of my best friend at the end of February was when Anthony really started to push for a relationship that was more than friendship.  I was an emotional mess after I found him, still alive. He died in front of me and what I needed at the time was a friend. What I got was a con man.

After Anthony’s lies all came out, he claimed he couldn’t remember any of the things he did because he was in a drunken blackout all year but he has also at other times claimed there were times he was sober and has complete recall of everything that was said and done. Karen has confirmed there were times when he was completely sober.

He has a habit of latching on to everyone else’s drama and claiming it as his own: you have a health problem? Anthony does too, but his will be worse. Helplessly tried to save your best friend’s life with CPR but had to watch him die in front of you? Anthony saw his friend shot in front of him. There was always something … he is a drama queen who HAS to be the centre of attention, a hypochondriac, a paranoid little man who believes Russian mobsters and paramilitaries think he’s important enough to be after him (yes, I spent a lot of time listening to him tearfully telling me how he was going to be murdered).

Memory loss and his lies

I had a major health crisis just days after I found out the real story about Anthony: that he wasn’t saving his money to move here to start a life with me, that he wasn’t sending money home to help out his parents because his “rocket” of a brother Garry who lived there was useless and a burden on them, that he wasn’t even working.

An unstable blood pressure incident meant I ended up having two seizures and spent a couple of days sedated, unconscious in hospital. When I eventually woke up, I had some memory loss: I couldn’t remember the past 5 or 6 weeks. I didn’t remember that I had been conned.

Fortunately, I had some very good friends looking out for me, so while Anthony was carrying on chatting to me like nothing had happened, they were keeping an eye on the situation to make sure he didn’t try to scam more money out of me.

He told me he had been arrested for stealing a car from someone he knew because he was in what he called a bad situation, and that he was going to jail. He said he wanted to go on the run but needed money to do that. He said he guessed we were over … when I asked if that was what he wanted, he said no. He carefully avoided mentioning Karen and at that stage I had no memory of them being together.

While all this was going on, while he was STILL talking about “us” as if there was actually an “us”, Matt made a point of feeding me some incorrect information about things that had happened during the weeks leading up to everything blowing up. I took him at his word because my memory was shot. Anthony, however, was VERY quick to correct me on anything that was wrong. This was despite him claiming that he could not remember anything that had happened for the entire year because he was in an alcoholic blackout, that he had an emotional breakdown.

Interestingly, before I had those ill-fated seizures that screwed up my memory, Karen used those exact terms. I didn’t remember that until Matt pointed it out in the chat transcripts. They were not terms Anthony had ever used: he doesn’t normally talk that way.

Also, at this point Matt was in very regular contact with Karen, she was chatting to him every day, just about all day. There were a couple of things Matt said, referring to himself as a muppet for example, that Anthony started using when chatting to me. Again, they were terms that I had never heard him use before.

I believe it was another case of Anthony picking up on someone else’s life, using that particular terminology. Which indicates to me that he and Karen had discussed his bullshit story about his “alcoholic blackout” and his “emotional breakdown”, and the two of them also discussed the chats she had with Matt.

Not the ‘big man’

Anthony gets his jollies from fucking with women’s lives. It’s his thing. Probably because that is the only way he is actually capable of fucking anyone. Despite his constant claims about what he would and wouldn’t do in bed, about what a great shag he was, Karen made it very clear that wasn’t the case: she moaned about his tiny dick, about his inability to actually get it up most of the time, and about him being (direct quote here) a “10-second wonder” when he did actually manage to get his tiny penis to perform.

To be honest, when my memory did return, and I recovered from the hell I was experiencing, I probably felt a little (no pun intended) relieved: going over her list of the finer points of Anthony Grant thief and occasional chef, he really does sound like the sort of catch you’d rather not have: she even said he smells! There are many things I can deal with when it comes to a bloke: lack of personal hygeine isn’t one of them. Not showering is not an option.

On top of all the lies, there is the money. Anthony took around $1000 from me to pay for him to move to start jobs so he could save money to move here. All lies of course, he was living with Karen the entire time. All three times he scammed money out of me, it was to pay their expenses. He even bought her chocolates out of the last lot of money. Isn’t that fucking romantic?

And he promised repeatedly he would pay it back. And that he was pay back the money I paid for the flight I booked the day before he ghosted me and ran off, only to be arrested in Coleraine.

But I haven’t seen a penny. Do you think I will? He also repeatedly promised to give me some honest answers to my questions (his answers were “my head’s fried, can we talk later” and other bullshit responses that implied poor little Anthony Grant thief and scammer was the victim in all this. And he repeatedly promised he wouldn’t block me again. But of course, he doesn’t know that Karen had already told me she she had made him do just that while I was on life support in hospital after I went in to cardiac arrest (told you things had been hell) and that she would have him do it again.

And of course he did. Because for all his talk about being a tough guy, he’s really just a cowardly little man who was shit scared she wouldn’t drop the charges over him stealing her car and that he would go to jail.

Cowardly. Little. Man.

Using his family in his lies

He also claims his mother knows all about me, which is a total crock. For some reason, he kept up this lie even after my memory returned. I don’t know why he does things like that, it’s truly bizarre.

Maybe, at the end of the day, it is simply because he can. Because he is a lying, thieving sack of shit. He has said some pretty shitty things about his family … his brother, father and niece in particular, claiming his father abused his mother, his brother was unstable and an unfit father, calling his niece a “cunt”, and he and Karen also cast some shade in the direction of someone he calls a friend, implying that his tattooist friend Nick wasn’t trustworthy enough to tattoo women.

I honestly don’t believe Anthony Grant thief, scammer, liar and drunk is capable of loving anyone. I don’t believe he is capable of honour, or of being trustworthy. He is good at putting on an act, at pretending to be what he needs to be to get what he wants at the time … whether it’s money, concert tickets, free tattoos (even if he does then bitch online about the quality) or just a place to sleep (Siobhan was one of his victims there … I think that was her name. His cousin’s ex)

Do I feel sorry for him? No, not really. Well, maybe there is a touch of pity for the fact that he still sees himself as the victim in all this. That he is so out of touch with reality. He also blindly believes everything Karen tells him SOMETIMES. Like the phonecalls, which I was bombarded with while I was in hospital recovering from an emergency situation. He says it wasn’t her, or him. The number on the calls says otherwise.

Karen Harris & Anthony Grant: beware

If you think you are dealing with Anthony Joseph Grant or Karen Ellen Harris, beware. Neither of them is to be trusted.

Anthony Grant thief  is a chef by trade. He is originally from Crossgar, Downpatrick in Northern Ireland. He says he lived in New York for a while, but given all his other lies, who would know. The restaurant he says he worked at doesn’t exist. In the past, he worked at Onebite Catering in Belfast as a temp chef. He also worked at Beachcombers Spa & Resort in Pattaya, Thailand; Santos in Brazil; and Mezzos Restaurant in London. His last name on Facebook was Antiono Grant Jr.

He studied at the College of Business Studies in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 1995 and 1997.

Karen Harris is apparently originally from Tralee. She was living in Ballyheigue when he ran off to Coleraine and was starting a cleaning business. Her last name on Facebook was Karen Ní Earraí.

Anthony Grant thief and an a-grade prick.

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