Beware the Bullshit

A brief history of Anthony the scammer

Scammer Anthony J Grant of Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, at work. This is a brief timeline of some key points in what happened during the time Anthony Grant, scammer, was using me to pay his girlfriend’s rent.

All dates are New Zealand time.

I should also point out that from mid-April Anthony, aka Antiono Grant Jr,  also started asking me to send £2000 or  £2500 so he could move here with some cash in the bank to keep Customs happy.

Anthony the scammer asked repeatedly, even though (as I now know) he was already living with Karen Harris, aka Karen Ní Earraí.

Anthony Grant scammer in action

  • MARCH 15: Anthony apologises for asking for money during a call a day  earlier. He starts laying the groundwork, telling me the government had stopped his money.
  • MARCH 19: Anthony the scammer says he has a job lined up but can’t afford to get there and find a place to live. He  asks for a few hundred bucks. I send $591.12 NZ. That’s the screengrab of the chat, and as you can see, he loves to lay on the bullshit.
  • MARCH 25: Anthony is in Killarney by now. He never went to Cork, as Karen later tells me. He took money from me so he could travel to be with her. Not that I knew any of that. He calls to ask to borrow more money and says he will pay it back Thursday. The ultimate insult maybe is that he messaged me after he asked, saying:
    “I guess this is a trust thing x”. And I stupidly send NZ $195.11. It goes through the next day.
  • MARCH 31: He decides to tell me about the girl he has met online, Karen Harris.
  • APRIL 3: He calls me, a short-ish call, and “introduces” me to Karen Harris on the phone. By this stage, he has already told her he loves her. In fact, Karen tells me he professed his love their second day together. Not that I knew that then, of course. When he puts her on the phone, he says she is just someone he works with.
  • APRIL 4: He starts complaining about Karen Harris being a bit of a stalker. He moans that she is professing her love etc. Anthony Grant also sends me multiple screenshots of their conversations and one of her breasts. I am not sure why.
  • APRIL 5: He complains about her more, and sends more screenshots. Then Anthony calls me at work, and says he needs to speak to me. He says it is urgent: then he tells me  he is in love with me. Why the fuck did he do that? Who would know? He was already with Karen. He had already screwed money out of me. It was at this point he starts the made up story of how he is going to come here, that he is working hard to save every penny possible so he can come here.
  • APRIL 9:  Apparently Karen isn’t so bad after he talked to her again … “She’s not girl friend stuff But I’ve got needs” are his exact words. Anthony insists it was nothing serious at all … just sex, just a means to an end because we are so far apart .. blah blah blah. Aside from that, his communication over the next few days is mainly “sorry, shit connection” or “sorry I need to sleep”. This is another opportunity to come clean…to tell me he is with Karen.
  • APRIL 12: Out of the blue he tells me he had a boring birthday (really? How boring? This is the day he moves in with Karen!) I tell him I feel things have changed and want to back off because I don’t want to get in the way of his relationship with Karen. He says there is no relationship. Once again, this is his chance to tell the truth. I was under a lot of stress due the death of my best friend just 4 weeks earlier along with a few other things, and Anthony is  telling me I need to take a break and should go to Ireland to be with him. As a last-minute thing, I get some leave approved and begin looking at flights to Dublin. Chatting to him on WhatsApp, I ask about how distant he has been since dropping the “I’m in love with you” bombshell. He tells me he was drunk at the time. So I book a flight to New York instead: because as I tell him, he should have come clean about being drunk when he called. I tell him he should have told me his feelings weren’t true. But later, Anthony the scammer convinces me that even though he was drunk, he meant it. Why the hell did he do that? Again, that was a chance to just leave me alone.
  • Anthony J Grant, scammer, chef, liar, drunk and thief  APRIL 15: I go to New York, he complains the whole time I was there about me not going to Ireland. What a fucking joke. The whole time he is moaning about me not going to Ireland, Karen is beside him in bed. She knows he is chatting to me, and when she talks to me about it after he stole her car and ran away at the end of June, she laughs about the whole situation, about how ridiculous Anthony is. But anyway: Anthony the scammer is so pissed off at me for going to New York instead of Ireland; he makes me feel so guilty about it and makes the point over and over again for the next few months that I should have just booked the flight. Remember this…it’s going to be relevant later.
  • MAY 19: This is when he plays the “dying father” card. He tells me he had to rush home to Crossgar, Downpatrick. Anthony Grant the drunk Irish scammer loses his chef job because of that. Or so he says. And all the overtime he was been working didn’t  go to his savings because he is sending money home to help his parents. Anthony Grant,  scammer, says it’s because they are broke and trying to support another family member.  Anthony says the situation has left him homeless. He has lost his job, and his flat; and his parents are not allowed to have anyone else living with them. Not even family. He asks for more money, and when I agree, he asks “why did you do that?” It is probably this time that pisses me off the most, on reflection: Karen says that by this stage, she knew who I was, that there was something going on between us, and knew where the money came from. She also says Anthony’s father wasn’t at death’s door, that he didn’t go home, and he certainly wasn’t sending any money at all to his family. In fact the number of days he had working in the prior four months was probably in single figures. All the jobs he says he has are lies … he loses them all for either turning up drunk, or just not turning up at all. The other thing that makes me so angry about this little batch of lies is that Anthony uses a mutual friend to get back into my life … he contacts him and tells him all about the situation with his father being so sick and probably dying KNOWING that our mutual friend will respond to that because his own father died a few days before.
  • JUNE 17: He tells me he had a big fight with his boss. He says he insulted her menu. This is the job that comes with a flat. He also begs  me to go over there. Again. He asked me to go there and “rescue” him. However, I now know that the fight with his boss was because he were drunk and in bed. With Karen, no less! So while Karen was there in his bed, Anthony the scammer was begging me to go there.
  • JUNE 22: I am feeling a bit nervous … for a few days he has fobbed me off with stories about being super busy at work. Of doing so much overtime because he is frantically trying to save money. So he can get here. I now know that by this stage he had already lost that job, too. He was back in Ballyheigue with Karen. But anyway, I didn’t know that then.  I tell him I’m no sure if he is serious. Anthony says he loves me with “every fibre of my being” and says he feels he is being punished for being on the other side of the world. He tells me off for having doubts about his feelings and again begs me to go over there. I say I will, soon. Anthony also makes me feel so guilty for doubting him. Another opportunity to come clean.
  • JUNE 23: After our talk the night before, I follow the advice he gave me about the New York situation and book a flight.
  • JUNE 25: Anthony Grant, scammer and chef, blocks me. This is the day before a hearing into my friend’s death, and just six days before I am due to be getting on a plane.

The scammer never stops

There is so much more and his lies were never-ending. Ever after it all blew up and I found out what he had been up to, I am still been shocked by some of the later revelations. There is never a time when Anthony is in a one-on-one relationship, he ALWAYS has another woman lined up, online or elsewhere. I knew of three others he was chasing earlier in the year, but now I know there was another overlap before me, and at least two others during the time I overlapped with Karen.

  • Anthony is always online
  • He always has more than one phone
  • Our little friend frequently changes his phone number
  • Finally, Anthony Grant is incredibly paranoid.

The weirdest part of it all is that unlike most drunks, Anthony Grant scammer is actually a much nicer person when he’s drinking. The nastiness and threats come out when he’s sober. I see that and Karen saw it, too.

How nasty (but also pathetic)? He threatened both of us regarding sharing personal photographs. He also repeatedly uses a family member he refers to as a “rocket” as a threat to me and another friend, and he even comments that we didn’t know who we are messing with, mentions the IRA and says we aren’t “wise” to be doing that.

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