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Once a coward and (and phone calls from Karen Harris)

Lots of phone calls from Karen Harris
A callback to this number resulted in going to the voice mail of Karen Harris. Don’t make random calls and deny it’s you when it is that easy to check.

(UPDATE: that number in the list of phone calls in the image? It belongs to his oh-so-innocent girlfriend; lots of calls from Karen Harris.)

Apparently, little Anthony (Anthony J Grant, aka Antiono Grant Jr) is in rehab. Getting clean. Going to group counselling. Being a good boy. For now, anyway. The incentive to stay out of jail seems to be quite strong for our drunken little thief.

No surprises there, he was so desperate to stay out of jail and take no responsibility for any of his shit after he supposedly robbed Karen Harris. And he did tell me ages ago (a day or two after he was arrested back at the start of July) that rehab never worked but it would keep him out of jail. He was also looking at doing a runner at that stage and dropped some not-so-subtle hints about needing money to do that.


Phone calls from Karen Harris getting out of hand

Anyway, I also got another batch of random phone phone calls from Ireland again the other day. So like Matt (who was also bombarded with calls from that number), I have now blocked it.

Yes, have taken a leaf out of the book of little A, and actually blocked someone. So which ever one of them has been calling: buh-bye.

Here’s something to ponder: I know a grand total of four people in Ireland.

One of those four people doesn’t know my number; and one of them isn’t an asshole and that’s not his number anyway (hi Eamonn!).

So that leaves just two options for who might be making these phone calls. It was one of them making multiple phone calls from Karen Harris’ phone to both me and Matt. Yes, I did a call back, it went straight to her voice mail. Little Anthony wasn’t wrong when he said she was not very clever!

The details of his antics should be written up and timelined by now, but health-wise things have been a bit shit and I ended up way more wiped out by the latest dramas than I expected. I have got as far as moving the site from my unreliable host to (fingers crossed) a much more user-friendly and reliable option.

Meanwhile, ponder this: I was his in part of the world very recently, which he knew about. I think because Matt told him, but I’m not sure. There were a couple of paintings … one was a not particularly flattering portrait of Anthony Grant that I did as a therapeutic measure for myself. The other was one that he asked me to paint not so long ago.

I took both canvases off the stretcher frames, rolled them up and chucked them in my bag as a last-minute thought just before heading out the door to the airport.

I was actually thinking about dropping them at his parent’s place in Downpatrick. Instead, after meeting Eamonn on the flight to London, I gave one of them to him and he took it away and set it on fire for me (a long story). Anyway, thanks Eamonn!

The other painting I ended up bringing home. I might set that one alight, too.

But can you believe he actually asked me WHY I didn’t call in while I was there? Honestly, he seemed surprised that I dind’t. FFS.

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Also, if you have phone calls coming from a strange number, try Who called to see if there have been any complaints about it.

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