Beware the Bullshit

A not-very-updated update from Downpatrick

Downpatrick chef Anthony J Grant chat screenshotsDownpatrick native and general drunk Anthony J Grant, aka Antiono Grant Jr is still just living his life, still on bail.

Little fucker probably has his next victim lined up. And I now know that stealing cars and bludging off the women in his life is actually Anthony Grant’s standard move.

Classy little mongrel.

For some reason Karen Harris, aka Karen Ní Earraí (formerly Karen Doran) seems to think Anthony will be different with her. Perhaps because they are more alike than the other women he has stolen from. I mean, she actually knows Anthony Grant, alleged chef from Downpatrick, was involved with other women, and taking money. And happily spent that money. Let’s just hope they don’t breed, could you imagine the morals any kids might end up with?

At home in Downpatrick

So while we await the outcome of his court case, Anthony is at his “mummy’s” house in Crossgar, Downpatrick. And he is probably bludging off his parents this time.

Patterns of behaviour, and all that.

Also, apologies: I will update as soon as possible but the health dramas are kicking my arse more than I expected. I also know this site has been down a few times lately due to server issues. That’s first on my priority list: I will be moving everything to a new host this weekend. After that, the timeline.

Meanwhile, from the “holy fuck this little man is full of shit” files, here’s a message I got from him just days before he ghosted me. On a brighter note, this is probably the only time I ever saw Anthony Grant (Downpatrick’s finest drunk) spell “of” correctly. Silver linings and all that shit.

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