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Finding this website

I think your site must have been indexed by Google. It comes up high on the first page of results now when you search hsi name with keywords like Downpatrick, etc. And top result if you search his and her names together.

Fukn awsum !! Its been showing up on Fbook 4 ages when u search his name becoz I have it linked in my profile and post links 2 tha site on a regular basis. weve had 3 ppl make contact with us that way. But yeh it haz been indexed by Google & Bing by tha lookz of things. Had a look @ tha site stats & therez traffic from there. Plus itz showing on p1 of Google's search results for his name & tha words chef, drunk or Ireland. LMFAO !!

Share the link everyone! Lets warn the world. And make the nasty little bastard famous.

We've been indexed by Bing, too. They've also picked up the sitemap, which means they will automatically come back and pick up any new posts. There was a wee glitch with Google's automated sitemap upload thing, where it doesn't fetch correctly so I had to submit the URLs individually for indexing. Hoping the Google bots will keep visiting!

lets get this site out there. Fuckers like him get away with this stuff because they rely on being able to con people by lying about who they are. At least with this theres a chance other women might be protected from bothof them.


Forum for chat about Anthony Grant, scammer and drunk

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