Beware the Bullshit

Anthony J Grant: What’s happening

Aug 5: It has been the good, the bad and the ugly over the last month or two but one thing is certain: a leopard never changes his spots.  I wish I could say I was surprised, but I’m not.  LFK

May 4: hi guyz. I’m heading south in the morning to sort out my mum’s funeral. It feels unreal that itz already been a month since she died and I still haven’t been able 2 see her or say gudbye.  I would hav like 2 have headed to see G as shez back in hospital & in a bad way but travel is still restricted. she had improved & wuz discharged but ended up bak in there again. she wuz transfered 2 ICU 2 days ago. I hav thingz I want to share about our sleazy little friend from Downpatrick becoz hez shown once again how much of an asshat he is. But right now I hav more important things 2 worry about.   MK

April 16: I  apologise for the slow updates: Matt is currently trying to organise a funeral from a distance and we are trying to get news on how G is faring. I spoke to her a few hours ago and she sounds tired but in good spirits. She has had a blood transfusion and is being given medication to (hopefully) stop the bleeding. They are hoping to hold off on the surgery for now due to the Covid-19 situation. With luck she may be discharged from hospital soon. Paul, if you see this can you update the group please? I can’t find my password.  LFK

April 12: So I suppose our skeevy little friend will be celebrating his birthday about now. Oh, and a year since he moved in with Karen, too. A year since I very nearly got rid of him before he ran his scam: I went to New York to clear my head, to cut my losses and to move on. But he hassled Matt, he hassled me. Told me he was all in, that this bullshit was real and I was stupid enough to believe him. It’s so random though … after all the shit, he pops up again on WhatsApp to hurl abuse, to threaten me about how he’s coming here and what might happen to me. And to Matty. That’s his style: he makes threats, often involving his family members as well. Then he blocks you. Makes a threat, then runs and hides. Cowardly, nasty little fuck.    >>>READ MORE 

April 11: Being locked down in isolation has good and bad  points. Good that I suppose I know I am avoiding the plague currently sweeping around our world. Bad because even though I’m working most days, I’ve got too much time to think, too much time to reflect, too much time to worry about the people I need to worry about. And then I made the very big mistake of watching the A Star is Born remake with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Probably not a great idea: the suicide was too soon and too close to my reality for my brain to process and just move on. When he walked into that garage with his belt in his hand, it brought back a rush of memories I’m really not in the right frame of mind to deal with. I think that’s why I had “that” nightmare again last night. Ugh, one step forward … two steps back. But head’s up … will be updating this site in a few hours.  G

Anthony Joseph Grant of Crossgar Downpatrick, Northern Ireland. Thief, liar, conman, drunk.
Chef Anthony Joseph Grant, originally from Crossgar, Downpatrick, Northern Ireland.

March 30: Itz become apparent that little Anthony visits this site & even more apparant that hez a fukn cowardly piece of shit. Listen up you maggot: U knew whats happening with her sister, U knew shez worried sick about her son being out there working during the lockdown, U knew she just got out of hosptial that day but U still decided 2 threaten her?? U disgusting little piece of fuckn dirt. Yr family must be so proud of U. & then U laid more lies and shit on her. Yes, we kno itz all shit, all lies. U had tha money U owed her but wont’ pay it becoz of this site ?? Sure U did. Who did U steal it from this time?? U neva had tha money, she said it herself: Ur lies about trying to save to fly here were a crock of shit becoz U couldn’t afford a bus ticket let alone a flight. U tried to top yrself? No U didn’t U lying fuk so stop trying 2 make yrslef the victim in this. & if U hve threats to make 2 me, talk to me. Dont do yr big man “my daddy and my uncles are so tuff U should be scared” becoz it doesn’t work. Therez so much more I want 2 say right now but Im angry, worried & grieving. But know this little Anthony Joseph Grant, originally from Crossgar Downpatrick. Sometime chef. Failed Drunk. Thief. Conman. Liar. Know this: G was about ready 2 see this site go. But  I have control of the domain & now its not going anywhere. She wuz almost feeling sorry 4 U but U don’t deserve any sympathy.  MK

March 19: Sorry all, I kind of fell off the planet for a while. Am sort of over my meltdown and also sort of recovering from being mugged (long story). More later, I just want to hide for a while and tell the world to fuck off.  G

March 9: Sry guys, we interrupt this broadcast 4 a message to our elusive little buddy.

G, we saw U had posted an update here. We hav been leaving messages on yr fone, whatsapp & yr DMs since last week.  Where R U? Call us. L & M.

March 7: Where indeed?

Where to from here?

LINK FIXED // Feb 27:  364 days ago my life changed. Someone I loved to bits was about to leave my life forever, and someone who had nothing but bad intentions was about to start working on ramping up a scam he started a few months earlier. NOTE: Link to the post has been fixed. Apologies to those of you who have been in touch about being unable to access this post.   >>>READ MORE 

Feb 3: So is Anthony J Grant mentally sick? Or just a sick bastard? You decide. LFK   >>>READ MORE

Jan 28: We have had messages from a few new visitors so it’s probably a good time to let you know who it is posting on this site.  LFK   >>>READ MORE

Snivelling little coward

Jan 20: Anthony Joseph Grant of Downpatrick, Northern Ireland. I thought you were nothing but a lying thief. But you are also a snivelling little coward. LFK   >>>READ MORE

Jan 7: Happy New Year to you all. To celebrate the arrival of 2020, here’s a new meme for you all to share.

NOTE: I have been spending some time trawling through several thousand screenshots of chats between this slimy little man and G; and him and Matt. I now feel like I need a shower. He is disgusting. But having also gone through the chats Karen took part in, I now understand just how low she is, too. You horrible examples of human beings deserve one another. And for all Karen’s talk about how she wanted to have his baby because he would be such a great father, I truly hope it doesn’t happen because no child deserves parents like that. LFK

Everyone pays for Anthony

Dec 28: And then there’s Siobhan … someone else he used to pay his way, put a roof over his head.

Anthony J Grant and Karen HarrisNOTE: Don’t forget: share this site, share the memes, share what these two are doing. The only way to protect people from thieves like Anthony Grant and Karen Harris (formerly Karen Doran of Tralee) is to make sure as many people as possible know what they are and how they operate.

But who is Siobhan?   >>>READ MORE

Karen shares the cash

Dec 16: Letz take a look @ another Anthony Grant lie: when he said he wud pay back the money he stole from G. He made that promise over & over again, the last time on July 21. To date he hasnt paid a penny. Neither of them have, but both of them spent tha money. Karen knew he wuz taking money from G, because she admitted he shared it with her. Even bought her chocolates. What a man, what a fukn catch. And the sleazy bitch wuz okay with that. MK


Chef Anthony Grant of Crossgar, Downpatrick, Northern Ireland is a thief and a liar.Dec 12: Just a quick note to say we have only now noticed the traffic counter to the right: we have passed 10,000 visits. That’s pretty amazing for a site that has done no advertising and very little networking. And particularly since we have taken so long to get the details of his behaviour out there due to unexpected hospital stays etc. But word is out! We are seeing traffic from many countries, but predominantly the UK and Ireland. Thank you to all who played your part. We know Anthony Grant STILL sees himself as a victim, because it’s how he operates, but let’s get the truth out there about him, and his partner in crime, Karen Harris (formerly Karen Doran of Tralee). G is one of the kindest people you could ever hope to meet, and they spent months taking advantage of that. We want to make sure the no one else gets used or hurt in the same way. Let’s keep each other safe. LFK

Keep up the pressure

Dec 11: Let’s keep the pressure on these two pieces of shite, Anthony J Grant and Karen Harris (formerly Karen Doran of Tralee), shall we? Because they are both scum and we believe there is a HIGH chance this won’t be the last time they scam someone. LFK >>> READ MORE

Anthony Grant an a-grade prick and a thief.Dec 6: I figure it’s time I had something to say about Anthony Grant, the conniving little shit who thinks he is God’s gift, and his equally conniving girlfriend Karen Harris. G  >>> Click here to read more.

Anthony J Grant and Karen Harris

Where’s that money Anthony J Grant?

Dec 5: We have been busy these last few days, after finally convincing G that she needed to take a break. More updates coming soon but it is worth pointing out that although Anthony Grant and Karen Harris (formerly Karen Doran of Tralee) made promises about paying back the money taken, we are now 5 months down the track from Anthony’s lies coming out and there still has not been one cent paid back. I asked G if she was expecting the money to be returned. She says she expects it will be like everything else she heard from Anthony: lies, lies and more lies.

Take a good look at that photo and beware. LFK

Dec 3: So exactly WHEN did Karen Harris know what Anthony Joseph Grant, or Anthony J Grant (aka Antiono Grant Jr), the well-rehearsed thief was up to? LFK  >>> READ MORE

Laughable “little” man

Nov 28: We know Anthony J Grant played the long game in the incredibly nasty scam that he inflicted on G. Going over the screenshots of the Messenger and WhatsApp chats with all involved is quite enlightening. And also very time-consuming.

G won’t let us upload any of the screenshots where he talks himself up as some sort of sex machine because despite all that he and his girlfriend Karen Harris (formerly Karen Doran of Tralee) have put her through, she is a decent human being and doesn’t want to humiliate him. However I will say this: it is totally laughable that this little “man”  had so much to say about what he would do in bed and how great his skills were when we know that on the very rare times he was even able to perform, he was (a direct quote from his lady love here) a “10-second wonder”.

We think he began working this scam at the end of February, in a disgustingly callous move, the night G found her best friend after he committed suicide.  LFK  >>> READ MORE

Anthony Grant chef: Do you shower after sex?

Nov 24: Oh Anthony, you poor deluded little man. She was so far out of your league that it’s almost funny. LFK >>Read more

Oh the shame Anthony J Grant

Nov 22: I hav in my possession a foto that showz poor little Anthony 4 what he is — not a tough gangsta but a lot more embarrassing !! & am trying 2 decide if I shud post it. no Anthony Grant aka Antiono Grant Jr itz not tha one of yr junk coz I promised G i woulnd’t post that one. don’t kno why dude but she duzn’t want 2 humiliate U. But the other foto I have is a fukn cracker. Even betta than that meme about tha prison kiss  . . . MK

Earlier update: hedz up guys, tha site owner haz been kind of tied up all week having having tests  & haz now been told she will need anotha surgery & maybe radiation treatment again 2, but it will be in tha new year. Shez still recovering ffrom tha first 2 surgeries & some other major health dramaz over tha last few months. tha docs reckon the earlier stuff wuz down 2 stress, so U can probably guess who I blame 4 that shit. Yeh, that little asshat from downpatrick: Anthony Joseph Grant.

Anthony trivia: did U know he asked her at least 6 times if she wuz talking 2 other men online & begged her to neva cheat on him or hurt him !! FFS dude, yr a scabby wee fukka aren’t U? Yr family must B so fukn proud of U.

Nov 20:  So was Karen Harris involved? Yes. Her admission that she knew about me, and about the money, proves that. He may have run the scam, but she was just as guilty. >> Read more

Anthony Joseph Grant, thief and liar of Crossgar Downpatrick. Also Ballyheigue.

Nov 17: There are soooo many screenshots to sort through, from soooo many chats that it’s giving me a headache! Meanwhile, here’s a “Little Anthony” meme to enjoy.

Anthony J Grant
Anthony J Grant, currently using the name Antiono Grant Jr on Facebook. Beware.

How it happened

Nov 11: A couple of visitors to the site have asked some questions that may be of interest to anyone reading this. First of all, they wondered why I was putting this out there when he still owes me so much money, why I was risking him not paying up. To be honest, there’s no risk … >>Read more

NAMES: Anthony Grant now goes by Antiono Grant Jr,
Karen Harris changed hers to Karen Ní Earraí

For a brief outline of what Anthony Grant and Karen Harris actually do to people, click here

Nov 9: M has just gone to the hospital to pick up G, she is finally being discharged today. Turns out more surgery is possible, they were not able to remove all of the haemangioma. Looks like cutting out nasty shit is the order of the day for her. You know, like that nasty little Northern Ireland maggot commonly known as Anthony J Grant and his equally nasty, equally thieving girlfriend Karen Harris of Kerry, Cork, Ballyheigue and who knows where else (formerly Karen Doran of Tralee). We have had 6 or 7 people make contact with questions regarding their scam, and G is happy to address those questions. She will likely do so here over the next day or two, depending on how she is feeling.

Stealing from a friend

Nov 7: A brief summary of Anthony J Grant’s behaviour: after being an online friend with someone for a long time (2-ish years maybe) he waited until she was grieving the death of her best friend, then slimed his way deeper into her life by telling her he was in love with her. Anthony (from Crossgar, Downpatrick) spent the next 4 months making plans to move to be with her. He allowed her to begin applying for jobs in other cities where he would have more chance of finding work as a chef, to start selling her belongings to make moving easier, took $1000 from her to move elsewhere in Ireland to start a job so he could save money to move here. He also begged her repeatedly to go there to be with him. She finally booked a flight to go there, and the day before the inquest into her friend’s death, and less than a week before she was due to fly to the other side of the world, he ghosted her. Why? He and Karen Harris had been in a relationship the whole time, they were just scamming money. >> Click here for a little more detail

And another little update:  G is back in hospital after passing out in the early hours of this morning. The infection that put her back in there last week has flared up again, and blood tests show she is also badly anaemic. So intravenous antibiotics and a blood transfusion, and she is going for a scan soon to make sure nothing sinister is going on with her liver after the surgery. We will keep you posted. LFK

As always, click here for the latest news on Anthony J Grant

For a brief outline of what this lying, thieving little drunk and the lying, thieving love of his life actually do to people, click here

Anthony Grant, aka Antiono Grant Jr, or Anthony J Grant, makes a veiled threat.
Karen says Anthony was referring to an intimate video of her.

Karen Harris and Anthony Grant, suddenly shy!

UPDATE: Our 2 lovebirds are in hiding again on facebook. don’t stress Little Anthony, yr still on Google & Bing. And yr still on Fbook via profile links @ posts linking 2 this site. Anyone searching 4 U will be in no doubt who & what U are. Both of U. hav 2 say tho Karen, U R more forgiving than he deserves, since he also threatened U with revenge porn. After Karen Harris sent screenshotz of messages she got from Little anthony (including tha one U can see above), she then sent this message  to G (below). M

Karen Harris warns that Anthony J Grant has threated her with a private video they made.
She sent this warning.

Be very careful of this man, Anthony J Grant, and his girlfriend Karen Harris.Nov 2: For those who are asking, yes this site has now been crawled and indexed by Google. What does that mean? It means we get to have some fun … >> Click here to read more

Was that you Anthony J Grant?
Was that you Anthony J Grant?

Oct 28: Anthony J Grant, aka Antiono Grant Jr  isn’t happy about this website. And that has to be a good thing. It means he knows people will find out what he really his, and how he really operates. He hides his true, nasty, narcissistic, angry little man personality behind all the jokes and the make-believe friendship. Because of a job I used to do, I have contacts in the publishing world and when all this first happened, I was offered the opportunity to write the story. As a book. He was livid, and that was when he stopped even trying to pretend to  …  >>Read more

Anthony J Grant: The unfiltered view.
Anthony J Grant: The unfiltered view.
The face Anthony prefers to show the world.
The face he prefers to show the world.

Anthony J Grant: A paranoid little man

OCT 25: I suppose it should come as no surprise that our light-fingered, nasty little Irish chef Anthony J Grant (aka Antiono Grant Jr) is telling lies about us (we’re psychos) but that will not change who he is: a thief, a liar, a disgusting little man who uses people, abuses their good will, and then cries about his imagined paranoia and his hatred for his father.

I am so angry that at the time when my lovely husband had just flown half-way around the world to get to his father’s bedside before he died, just a few short months after we lost one of our closest friends in an awful and tragic way, Anthony J Grant made up a lie about his own father being near death as a way to get back into Matty’s good books, and thereby get his claws back in to G. Even though he was back in the bed of his co-scammer Karen Harris, aka Karen Ní Earraí by that stage.

And then he even asked for more money. What sort of person does that? A devious, selfish, spineless little man with no moral compass, that’s who.

On a brighter note, the patient is doing better: she’s still not enjoying the pain meds but is taking them anyway so she can get out of there ASAP. Her veins are a bit shot after all the bleeding before, during and after surgery so they had to get a little creative in the placement of her new IV line after the last one tissued (top of her foot, she said it “hurt like a bitch but it’s okay”).

So Anthony if you are reading this, or even Karen, bear with us. G does have a lot more she wants to say, and she will say it.  LFK

Email from Anthony J Grant

Oct 23: The continuing story of Anthony J Grant who now goes by  Antiono Grant Jr, and Karen Harris, now known as Karen Ní Earraí. G had a rough day today. There is some concern that she might need another surgery, and they are keeping a close eye on her. She is still exhausted but did give me the thumbs up to publish a post she had pre-written. This one concerns and email from Anthony where he accuses us all of being mentally deranged, and also covers Karen’s role in it. She is not as innocent as they both try to claim.  LFK  >>Click here to read the emails

Screengrab of chat with Karen regarding Anthony.

Oct 21: This is just a quick update to say she is off the vent and awake. Very tired, absolutely wiped out, in a good deal of pain, still in ICU and according to the surgeon her condition is “serious” but that is certainly an improvement from yesterday’s “critical”.  LFK

Oct 20: We are in a holding pattern again. As some of you know, G had emergency surgery late last night/early hours of this morning.  I was another big surgery …  >>Read more

Anthony J Grant recycles old photos of himself on Facebook. This is much more recent, and accurate, photo.
Anthony recycles old photos of himself on Facebook. This is much more recent than his current profile image.

A timeline of Anthony Grant’s tactics

Oct 14: I have put together a quite brief timeline of how this played out. There’s so much more, the layers of lies not just while it was all happening, but even after it all came out.

Anthony lies constantly: he is incapable of telling the truth and is pissed that this site exists. I suppose, bringing his behaviour out into the open means that there’s a chance his next victim might realise what he’s up to.

And his excuse is “I don’t remember” … “I was so drunk I blacked out for the whole year”. But that’s just another lie, he has a habit of latching on to whatever is going on for other people and trying to do the one-upmanship thing. So his year-long blackout story came about after I suffered some memory loss due to a medical issue at the start of July.

However, a mutual friend, who was also conned by Anthony, deliberately fed me incorrect information while my memory was shot. Anthony was VERY quick to point out the things that were wrong, so there was absolutely nothing wrong with his recall of events. He just always likes to play the role of either victim (which he isn’t) or hard man (again, not that either).

He’s just pathetic little drunk who is incapable of being a grown up and supporting himself, so he latches on to women to bludge off them. >>Read the timeline here

Calls from an unknown number in Ireland. Turned out to be from Karen Harris.
Calls from an unknown number in Ireland. Turned out to be from Karen Harris.
Currently using the name Antiono Grant Jr on Facebook. Beware.
Anthony J Grant, currently using the name Antiono Grant Jr on Facebook. Beware.

Rehab, hiding, and calls from Karen Harris

Oct 11: Interesting times. He’s in rehab, cleaning up his act apparently. No surprises there, he was so desperate to stay out of jail and take no responsibility for any of his shit. Soon after his arrest at the start of July, he said he would do rehab if it meant he could stay out of jail, so this is probably another little ploy on his part. I also got another batch of random calls from Ireland again the other day. Whoever it is can feck off. Read more

Anthony J Grant now goes by Antiono Grant Jr,
Karen Harris changed hers to Karen Ní Earraí

Oct 3: Sorry, I’ve been knackered and struggling to get through this week. A bit of an update and will try to get this properly timelined over the next week or two and post it here. This isn’t a one-off situation from Anthony; I’m not sure about Karen. But people need to be warned about them both. Read more

Court update on Anthony J Grant

Sept 23: Latest from court is that Anthony has done what he does best … he’s run away and hid from the shit he’s done. An arrest warrant has been issued after he failed to surrender himself into custody as planned. Sorry for the delay, my phone died but we’re back in action now. I am catching a flight back home tomorrow and at some point over the next week or so, I will timeline just what happened with him. People like him can’t get away with shitting all over everyone. G

Sept 23, POSTING ON BEHALF: She’s still travelling and as of last night was having phone issues, possibly relating to data roaming. The plan is for her to be back in Belfast at some point later today in order to catch a flight back to London tomorrow so we will update as soon as we hear from her. LFK

Sept 20: I feel bad about not updating things here but am still away. I have been doing a whole lot of travelling, but am heading home next week. Right now I just feel tired and broken. But I have time coming up where I have nothing to do but rest and recover, so that might be a good time for me to put this whole sorry saga together in one timeline, so everyone can see just what really did happen.

Short-lived pity for my drunk little chef

At one point, when this first all blew up, I sort of felt sorry for him. I bought into the whole “poor Anthony, so drunk and had a breakdown” story.  Not now though, once I recovered and most of my memory returned (had a health situation that caused a seizure, which in turn caused some temporary memory loss), I started to see him more clearly.

But the most helpful, most mind-clearing part of it all was sitting down and reading through chat transcripts with him on Messenger and WhatsApp; with her on Messenger; and between both her and Matt, and Anthony and Matt, before and after all this came out.

When all pieced together you can really see the total manipulation, the lies, etc. There was no breakdown. Sure, he’s a drunk,  but he’s also a liar and a thief. And he knew what he was doing. They both did.

So I truly believe it is important for any other potential victims of these two dirty little thieves (Anthony J Grant, of Crossgar, Downpatrick; formerly of Belfast and elsewhere; and Karen Harris of Ballyheigue, his little Kerry co-conspirator) to know, to be prewarned.  Oh and Anthony: how the fuck do you think I found out where she lives? You certainly never told me, neither did she. I’d never heard of the place, but someone else did. >>Click here to get the latest from court. And find out about their “love story”!

Remand for Anthony J Grant

COURT, Sept 16: Remanded till Sept 23 for sentencing. Oh, and poor baby didn’t appear because of an accident. I’m back on track with my travels.

UPDATE, Sept 16:  I appreciate the messages guy, thanks for your support. He’s in court again tomorrow. Well, today now (it’s nearly 3am here). It’s been a not-quite-so-long day of travel today, but I’m where I want to be for now. Will update with court news when I can…right now I’m off to get some sleep. I’ve been slow on answering emails etc, but bear with me!

The many faces of Anthony
The many faces of Anthony J Grant.

UPDATE, Sept 10:  Going to be off the radar for a bit. Back in a week or so. Click here for the last update. Might not need my “source” to provide the update on his next court appearance on the 16th. But thank you for all your help! Hah, and he thinks he has “long fingers”! Anthony, you just manipulated other people to do shit and took the credit. I am more than happy to thank the people keeping me up to date on your court issues. Unlike you, my ego isn’t so fragile that I have to pretend to be something I’m not.

UPDATE, Sept 9:  I have a bit of a busy time coming up … hopefully I’ll be on a plane in a few days, then after that there’s treatment/surgery to get through. But I did take the time to talk to my lawyer again today. If I was as much of an asshole as either of those two (Anthony J Grant and Karen Harris) I could really go for the jugular.  >>Read more

A leprechaunUPDATE, Sept 7:  Got an email from “Little Anthony” as M calls him, bitching about this site. Apparently we’re all batshit crazy. As I said to him, I suppose given his track record, telling the truth probably does seem a little crazy.  One “interested reader” has made contact asking about proof. >>Read more

Working hard? Not Anthony, aka Antiono Grant Jr

UPDATE, Sept 4: How about comparing a timeline. Anthony Grant was busy working hard to save money for his big move to the other side of the world, but he had already run home to Karen Harris in Ballyheigue because actually working for a living was too much for him.

UPDATE, Sept 2: Date set for next appearance, he’s back in court September 16. The fake “Mr Nice Guy” carried on being oh-so-pleasant and full of the joys of life when asking for money again on March 25. The ultimate insult? That came after I agreed to send him the cash. Click here to see what this dishonest, thieving little ray of Irish sunshine had to say.

He had no shame in asking for money. Mr Nice Guy … but while asking for this so he could go start a job in Cork to save money to pay for his flight, he was actually on his way to Killarney to be with Karen. Click here if you want to see her response to this information in the latest post in the blog.

The fact that someone has posted on the forum that he has not been discrete with photos is no great surprise I suppose. He didn’t even have the decency to deny it, just spouted forth more of the usual: tell Matty this, tell Matty that, that’s not wise, etc. Tell him yourself, I’m not your secretary. You fucking coward. G