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Anthony looks for chef jobs in Ireland and free ride

Anthony Joseph Grant, of Downpatrick, is looking for chef jobs in Ireland while bludging off yet another womanSo while our little friend Anthony Joseph Grant was supposedly looking for chef jobs in Ireland, he was actually bludging off yet another woman: Siobhan. Apparently his cousin’s ex.

Chef jobs in Ireland? No, more like looking for a free place to live while he sat on his arse getting drunk. That’s about his only talent.

Oh sure, he’s always full of talk about what he will and won’t do in bed, and how good he is. But as we all now know, he is rarely even able to get it up, let alone do anything with it. He always had a real hangup about the size of his dick, and now that I have indeed seen a photograph … well, let’s just say it wasn’t an unjustified insecurity.

Looking for chef jobs in Ireland?

But I digress. In this screenshot you can see him having a whinge about Siobhan telling him he would need to find somewhere else to stay for the night because she had family staying. His level of anger over that is bizarre, considering he wasn’t her boyfriend, not even really a friend. All he did was bitch and moan about the fact that she wouldn’t give him a blow job. And given the fact that Karen Harris of Ballyheigue went in to great detail in one of our conversations about how rarely he actually showers and how much he stinks, I’m not fucking surprised the poor woman didn’t want to go near his smelly, tiny penis.

Anthony J Grant, aka Antiono Grant Jr, instead of whinging about this, perhaps you should have gone looking for a job. You smelly, drunken little fucker.

Anthony J Grant, aka Antiono Grant Jr, Irish chef but certainly not the sex machine he claims to be!

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