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Interesting traffic on site

Traffic on the Anthony Grant scammer site for the first 24 days of August 2019.

Interesting stats on the site traffic. As expected, there are a lot from New Zealand, but also a good chunk of visitors from Great Britain and Ireland combined (those numbers are just for the first 24 days of August).

It is also surprising to see so much traffic from Canada and Chile.

PS: Both Anthony Grant and Karen Harris (formerly Karen Doran, of Tralee)  have changed names on Facebook in an attempt to hide. She actually seems to have run away completely but of course that little weasel just can’t help himself so he’s still online. Got to line up the next victim I suppose!

Also apologies for delayed updates and answers to emails, as you are all aware, we have had some major dramas here this past week or so, which has slowed things down.

Not just traffic! Find them online

Anthony J Grant, aka Antiono Grant Jr

Karen Harris, aka Karen Ní Earraí

His Tony Grant profile set up when he had been in hiding for a while earlier this year. Anthony claimed he had been robbed, and then couldn’t remember his password to log on to Facebook once he got another phone. In reality, he was living with Karen, had got drunk and lost his phone, and was using her phone.

Anthony J Grant’s old profile from a few years ago.

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