Beware the Bullshit

How to find a tiny penis or a drunk chef

Scammer Alert: Anthony J Grant of Downpatrick lies about everything from his job to his tiny penis.
Scammer alert: Beware this man, Anthony J Grant originally of Downpatrick, Northern Ireland.

Anthony J Grant, drunk chef and tiny penis-owner extraordinaire of Downpatrick, and his co-scammer Karen Harris of Ballyheigue are now Google-famous.

For those asking, yes Google has now crawled and indexed this site. What does that mean? It means anyone searching their names (Anthony J Grant, Anthony Grant, Antiono Grant Jr, Karen Harris and Karen Ní Earraí) with certain keywords will have this site show up in their results. 

It means Antiono Grant Jr’s dirty deeds (and the rumours about his tiny penis) are out there for the world to see. Maybe that also means I’ll never get back the money they stole, but I don’t believe they were ever going to pay it back anyway.

Anthony J Grant (aka Antiono Grant Jr) and Karen Harris, aka Karen Ní Earraí: they lie about everything, including making good on their debts. They have had coming up for 5 months to repay the money they took in their con. But  I haven’t seen a penny of it. Just more lies, more bullshit.

Sometimes you just have to cut your losses and the more important aspect of ALL of this is to ensure that no one else gets taken in by these two scammers.

Are you looking for a tiny penis?

But back to the traffic. All incoming traffic has been via Facebook until now. I guess through the link on M’s profile, and maybe from others sharing the links he has posted there from time to time. Other traffic has been direct, meaning those who typed the Tellmeabout Anthony Grant address directly (most likely previous visitors).

But now we are getting a few hits coming from Google, and it looks like the Bing bot has crawled some of the pages, so we should be indexed there soon, too.

Google’s search terms showing as link to here are interesting (“Ballyheigue”; and “downpatrick court cases” for example). But even better is the search terms that bring this site up on the first page of links … “Ballyheigue scammer” and “Anthony Grant chef” are two of my favourite examples. Antiono Grant Jr is slowing gaining ground, too.

Oh, and try “Anthony J Grant tiny penis“.

Yes. Tiny penis.

Life is good.

Anyway, I am working on more keyword results and so far it seems to be going well.  

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  1. At least if any woman uses her good sense and Googles him before getting involved she will be prewarned to expect undersized underperformance. What a spectacular fucking claim to fame. Hilarious.

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