Beware the Bullshit

Little Anthony Grant and his little “friend”

Was this Anthony Grant? All the description is missing is the small penis.
Anthony J Grant or Antiono Grant Jr (as he now calls himself) isn’t happy about a couple of things: one is the rumour that he has a small penis. The other is that this website exists.

For the website, him being angry about it has to be a good thing. It means he knows people will find out what he really his, and how he really operates. He hides his true, nasty, narcissistic, angry little man personality behind all the jokes and the make-believe friendship, but it all comes out eventually.

Working his bollocks off? Not to mention his small penis

Anthony J Grant was upset by a Facebook post that hinted he may have a small penis.
Anthony J Grant is an online scammer who steal money from women by lying. He is unable to hold down a job because he either turns up drunk, or doesn’t turn up at all.

Oh sure, Anthony Grant says he’s “working his bollocks off” to get money together to pay me back what he owes. But he was always “working his bollocks off” to get money together for many reasons … including buying a flight here. What a joke.

Besides, we’re more than four months down the track now and he’s made no effort at all to pay back anything … not the money he took, not for the flight I booked, not for the concert tickets. Despite all promises to the contrary. Because that’s Anthony J Grant, chef, drunk and thief: he lies and he scams. It’s about all he is good at, apparently. Oh, and drinking.

Because of a job I used to do, I have contacts in the publishing world. When all this first happened, I was offered the opportunity to write the story. As a book. Anthony J Grant (aka Antiono Grant Jrwas livid, and that was when he stopped even trying to pretend to be a nice person.

Until then, he was still acting as if we were friends, and I suppose I still believed we were.

Anthony’s lies continue

A serious health problem affected my memory for a while and he used that to his advantage.

So even though his appalling behaviour had all come out into the open, I awoke in hospital after a seizure with no memory of the preceding few weeks.

This was just after Anthony J Grant, aka Antiono Grant Jr, was arrested near Coleraine for “robbing” Karen Harris, aka Karen Ní Earraí, while living with her in Ballyheigue. He was on bail awaiting an appearance in Coleraine Magistrates Court.

He had supposedly been working as a chef off and on in various jobs for the 4 months before this. But I now know that the number of days he worked during that time could be counted on one hand. Karen Harris says he lost every temporary job he got as a chef for either turning up drunk or not turning up at all.

Anthony Grant’s allegedly small penis

Matty was angry over Anthony’s behaviour before and after that arrest. And he made no secret about it, making a not-so-complimentary post on Anthony’s Facebook timeline (back when he was still using the name Anthony J Grant) regarding him being a thief and a scammer.

He also made a comment about Anthony being a little light on the equipment side of things. His post’s “hidden” message is that Anthony has a tiny penis. And it doesn’t function despite all his talk about being “all that” in bed. It was the part of the post regarding his small dick that upset Anthony.

He wasn’t overly concerned about the thief and scammer labels, but he was mightily upset at aspersions being cast on the size of his manhood. Yes, Anthony only concern is the comments about his tiny penis.

The first email I received from him after all that shit while he was on bail at his parent’s home in Crossgar, Downpatrick, was a threat to me over Matty’s post. Because on top of everything else, he is also a snivelling little coward.

A photo Anthony J Grant likes to use on social media
A photo he likes to use on social media … quite flattering I suppose, it doesn’t show the ravages of alcohol on his looks. He certainly never looked like this in the 2 years I knew him.

I woke up in the middle of that shit fight, and he sent me an email threatening to post intimate photos of me in retaliation for a post made by someone else. That’s the sort of “man” he is.

He later talked to Matty, and the only thing he was concerned with clearing up was that while he might lack size, he was an expert in all things sexual.  Although, Karen said otherwise.

Tiny penis-gate: Who supplied the photo?

Later, Anthony quizzed me on whether I had sent Matty any photos of his allegedly magnificent equipment. I hadn’t (because I didn’t have any photos of said equipment). However I do now know that someone did indeed have a photo of his junk, and sent it to Matty. Who might that be? Who else might have had access to that? It’s probably not rocket science.

Since then he has also accused Matty and his wife of posting photos of Karen’s children (they didn’t, they posted a link to her Facebook profile, but the pair of them seem incapable of understanding the difference. Which is surprising given they use social media so effectively in their scam).

The other accusation is that they posted his parent’s address. Despite him trying to say that is illegal, it certainly isn’t: the address is a matter of public record, his parents are not named and in fact Matty opted to NOT post the complete address in Crossgar, Downpatrick, out of respect for Anthony’s parents. It is not their fault their son is a thieving, lying, dirty little coward.

However, that didn’t stop Anthony from making threats involving what his brother Garry Grant might do. That’s been a regular pattern for him since all his lies came out: to threaten us with his brother, who is “a rocket”, or to say it’s “not wise” to mess with his family, while hinting at IRA connections.

Pathetic little twat.

Lying piece of shite

He may have a good memory, and proclaims himself to be very intelligent. But that doesn’t alter the fact that he’s a lying, cheating piece of shite.

I have no doubt that he’s telling all sorts of lies about me. He is likely saying I’m a stalker or psycho (I know he has used the very term “psycho” in fact!) but that’s his defence move, he lies.

I got to hear all about the women who had cheated on him, who broke poor Anthony Grant/Antiono Grant Jr’s heart heart and left him destitute. He said some pretty vile things. All lies, of course. Now that I’ve done my own research.

During one particularly intense video chat of nearly three hours, he tearfully told me how he had been repeatedly cheated on. He also kept pleading with me to look him in the eye while promising I’d never hurt him.

N-A-R-C-I-S-S-I-S-T. Look it up Anthony.

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