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Chef Anthony Grant: A savvy sociopath walks into a bar …

Irish chef Anthony Grant (now using the name Antiono Grant Jr on Facebook in an attempt to hide his true persona) sent an email that does read a bit like a bad joke. Hence the smart-arse title.

Liar, cheat, thief and chef Anthony Grant of Crossgar, Downpatrick
The many faces of Anthony J Grant, aka Antiono Grant Jr. Chef, from Crossgar, Downpatrick.

Our intrepid little chef Anthony accuses us all of being mentally deranged. I got a little peeved. Especially when these accusations are coming from someone who proudly proclaims he is an alcoholic and has tried to convince me he doesn’t remember any of the past year.

Classy Anthony. Very classy.

Also, he still insists Karen, poor little innocent Karen Harris, aka Karen Ní Earraí, knew nothing. Had nothing to do with it. But she did, she admitted it. I’m not sure whether perhaps he has built himself another little fantasy world and his poor booze-addled brain believes it, or if he just lies so often he doesn’t know how to stop.

Irish chef Anthony J Grant accuses me of being mentally deficient and brushes off the the fact he scammed money out of me

First up, the email. Anthony says we’re all screwed in the head, which is an incredible accusation coming from a man who made up a fantasy world and dragged other, innocent people into it for months.

Chef Anthony Grant: drunk and deluded

There is something seriously wrong with both of them. Anthony (or Antiono Grant Jr is you prefer his “new” name) is convinced that he is a victim when he is in fact just a nasty little thief, a scammer, a drunk.

And Karen Harris is just as damaged: she has allowed chef Anthony Grant back in her life and the life of her children after he stole the child’s money, and for taking and spending the money he took from me, knowing he stole it, but using the fact she was broke as an excuse. Anyway, this was my reply (apologies for the wordiness, I was a bit pissed off at the time).

My emailed response to self-proclaimed alcoholic and thief, Irish chef Anthony Grant


She knew what the drunken little weasel was up to, as you can see in the image below. As well as the admissions shown below, she also tells me she knew who I was and that she knew about the money.

Karen Harris says  she knew for weeks before chef Anthony Grant stole her car in Ballyheigue, Ireland, at the end of June. That was when ran off  and was arrested a few days later near Coleraine, in Northern Ireland. Anthony Grant, aka Antiono Grant Jr, was then bailed to his parent’s address in Crossgar, Downpatrick.

Karen about me, and about the money, knew because she had seen messages between us that Anthony had forgotten to delete. Also, months before this a friend of mine who Anthony did not know contacted Karen. She messaged her via Instagram with suspicions about Anthony and was then blocked.

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