Beware the Bullshit

Anthony Grant drunk or sober? A tale of two chats

My chat with Anthony Grant drunk. Or maybe he was sober. He appears, surprisingly coherent.

Anthony the chef's chat with Karen at around the same time.


Anthony J Grant, drunk, chef and thief.
Anthony J Grant, currently using the name Antiono Grant Jr on Facebook. Beware.

So here we have poor little Anthony Grant drunk chef, working hard. He is trying  to save his money to make the big trip to the other side of the world. Or so he says.

The top panel is a chat with me, the bottom panel a chat with Karen Harris, aka Karen Ní Earraí. Allowing for time zone differences, these chats were on the same day. Anthony J Grant, from Downpatrick, Belfast, Ballyheigue and numerous other places, was most likely drunk during these chats. That comes by way of his own admission.

Anthony Grant drunk and full of it

Did our little drunk chef have a fight with his boss? No, Anthony J Grant, aka Antiono Grant Jr had already lost that chef job by the time this conversation took place. Lost it like all the other chef jobs he claimed to have had.

Karen Harris says the fight with his boss took place while she was there staying with him … Anthony Grant drunk chef was, as always, drunk. And he was not at work. So by the time he told me about this “fight”, he had already run home to Karen’s place with his tail between his legs, as the screengrab she sent shows.

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